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Consumer feedback about Va Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System

Rating: 5 /5

Tony Vargas

This VA hospital/clinics can provide the help,treatments,counselling,homeless programs and psychological help a veteran would need. I've been to a few VA facilities and this one is among the best. Like any VA a veteran must try it out for themselves and see if they provide the best care all veterans have earned.

Rating: 4 /5

Josh O'Brien

I have never been spoken to so condescendingly than I have been from Vanessa doing my triage in the ER. I understand a bad day but not taking it out on a veteran who did 20 years of service. The rest of the staff here are amazing. I'm honestly baffled how she is there? Overall I really like this place just know to avoid Vanessa at all costs!

Rating: 5 /5

KLR 420

Ferris Optical is THEE BEST place for Veterans to purchase Rx eyeglasses. Ask for Rob and recieve excellent service and prices that can't be beat.

Rating: 5 /5

Rich Welch

I work with Veterans and Homeless Veterans to help them get benefits they have earned. I am a Disabled Veteran and went through Hell for over 6 years before receiving my full rating. Needed information for a homeless veteran in South Central, Operator had information readily available.

Rating: 1 /5

Cathy Solano

Worst VA I’ve ever been to . Every time I step in there I’m filled with discomfort an disgust. I LOVEEE VAs, I’ve been to a few all over the country Boston , Providence , Phoenix and even though Phoenix is Definitely the slowest (3hr wait in the emergency room), I still prefer it over the LA VA any day. Im pretty young looking which doesn’t change in any VA location but even if I’m the VA for the smallest thing somehow I get surrounded by creepy homeless men that only move seats to get closer to me and literally end up heavy breathing two inches from me and there’s NOBODY to help me. The doctors are great, treatment is good, but the facility is terrible and sooo dirty. I’m literally registering myself out and rather fly cross country for my appointments than to ever set foot back in this place. I’ve given it several chances but I don’t even feel safe in the waiting room . AND DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON APPOINTMENTS! this is the only VA that the operator can’t schedule my appointments or even cancel. So I have to wait for a magic call that NEVERRR Happens especially in optometry. A month and a half wait for mental health ??! Are you serious ? Any other VA would take me in the next day. Don’t come here !