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500 AZ-89, Prescott, AZ 86301, USA
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Consumer feedback about Va Northern Arizona Healthcare System

Rating: 1 /5

John Brown

Absolutely the worst V.A Hospital I Have Ever Seen. Seems as though the people there are there to only get paid, NOT TO DO A JOB! ....... Friendly to talk to. But fail at their jobs. No returned calls, don't answer phones, transfer you to the next, the next And The NEXT etc.... Since September this year,STILL Waiting for a mental Health Appointment.Now, I'm suppose to have two surgeries to correct an infection This V.A. said I don't have. They suppose were to send my bloodwork results to my Dr, Never Happened And I'm Still getting the run around.

Rating: 2 /5

Kenneth Kelly

OK service for the most part. I have been misdiagnosed there a couple of times with heart problems and had to go to YRMC to correct the problems. Watch your meds list. At least the team I was assigned to did not keep up with notices I sent them about doctors other than VA prescribed or changed for me. If you wind up in the hospital there they may try to give you meds based on an old list they have. They also think they have the best and cheapest meds but I have found for other than covered RX under my disability I am better of price wise at other pharmacies.

Rating: 1 /5

kenneth wade

Absolute scary treatment in the E.R. dept. Nurses just use their own "discretion" to start IV's and also to pull numerous blood samples, without a doctors orders, and being unnecessary and unused.Then, supervisor LIES and tells me that is normal protocol. REALLY? Then, WHY did the nurse apologize to me before I left? Took 5 hours just to leave with an oral antibiotic for a condition I have had several times, and told them what it was to begin with! They were rude, and treat us as if we have ZERO KNOWLEDGE. Argumentative staff. I will TRY to never go there again! They were WRONG about several important things regarding my health and treatment. Luckily....i am well versed, and alert. I ask questions, and press the issue if the answer is not right. BE ALERT!!! KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING, AND WHY!!

Rating: 5 /5

jerry gnerre

Went to check on benefits. Cory was the best. Very knowledgeable and professional

Rating: 5 /5


I have been going to this VA since 2006 and before that, the one in Tucson. Both places are great. Prescott comes out on top only because it is smaller, (I have strong issues with crowds.) Except for one doctor here in Prescott I have received excellent care. This doctor's LPN and Nurse and Msa were great, the doctor was the problem. I am now with a new team they to are great except for being a little slow on answering "Secure email" questions. Overall I have received better VA care than I did Active Duty care, but I was younger then and did not need as much care. I have heard, here, complaints from some of the veterans, but they seem to be wanting perfection and sometimes everyone fall short of that, it is human nature. Besides these guys treated the staff rudely and it could be called bullying, I think maybe you get what you give. Shame on them! Being self centered myself I have created a couple of instances where I was boisterous and belligerent and the staff never got mean or threatening with me. They just talked to me in soft soothing tones and calmed me down. I have learned from these experiences that I am not the kind of guy I thought I was, and in turn I am closer to that man that I want to be. Thank you all!!!!