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Venice Regional Bayfront Health
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2.5 out of 5 stars


1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

The ER service was fairly quick but when I asked them upfront about approximate cost the receptionist said she was not allowed to tell me? I should have left at that moment for an urgent care service in Sarasota. When they removed a foreign object from my finger in a five minute procedure they handed me a bill for approximately $600 and I immediately paid it. Upon paying it the receptionist stated "that was the bill for ER reception "and I would be billed by mail for the seperate services received? Do not use there services if there is somewhere else to go. How can you bill people multiple times for a one time service? I have received a second bill in the mail now and will most likely receive more. Deceitful practice. Unethical company practice. Caregivers? The sign should read invoice givers.

Ann Reiter
Ann Reiter

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

This is the BEST hospital around. I received the best care ever; as did my father and now a dear friend. Compassionate nurses and intelligent THINKING doctors.

I think the negative reviews are from people seeking attention and going to emergency rooms for broken nails...

They save lives here.

I am forever indebted to them; there is a cozy, comfortable, clean setting...I wish they weren't moving...the healing energy from the gulf is an added bonus.

Complaints of cold rooms? it's a hospital, not the Ritz. Colder temperatures better to prevent spread of germs. Ask for extra blankets! Mine came out of a warmer!

I can't say enough about the staff and help I received!

Patrick Myers
Patrick Myers

1 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

My doctor referred me to Venice Regional for an At Home Sleep Study. I made an appointment, received the device, returned it the next day, and everything was good. One month later I received a bill from the hospital for $967.65 According to my insurance company, this service should cost $258. According to, this service has a national average of $133-$247. I've spoken with the hospital five times now on the phone, and no one can explain why I'm being billed such an onerous amount of money -- nor will they accept market price for this service. On top of that, the device provided by the sleep lab for the study retails online for less than $200. I've asked for copies of any documents I signed during my visit a total of four times now, and I've yet to received a response. Every time I attempt to address this bill, I end up being bounced around a call center indefinitely or ultimately told to leave a voicemail for someone despite it being during office hours.

The billing staff for Venice Regional Hospital is either attempting to scam me or grossly incompetent. Neither is acceptable. Steer clear of anything with their name on it, and do not trust that they will charge you correctly -- spoiler alert, they won't.

Gary Wheeler
Gary Wheeler

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

Nursing staff is in attentive and careless of how the patient is feeling. My wife had a non routine surgery and the doctor never showed his face to check on her. She screamed out load during the surgery and the surgeon did nothing. She writhes in the bed because the staff does not bring medication at regular intervals. The staff seemed not to know her situation when first out of surgery and how to handle this particular situation. A complete disorganized mess and a lack iof any notable leadership. DO NOT bring an emergency situation here.

Add in: Unbelievable! They just prescribed her an antibiotic she is allergic to. We had to tell them again that she is allergic to it!

Stuart Hilgenberg
Stuart Hilgenberg

2 out of 5 stars

posted 17 hours ago

Went in for a cut on my leg. Was about 4 inches long and wound up taking 12 staples to close it up. At first the nurse asked if I'd like a pain killer and I was like heck yeah. I just sliced my leg and my wife was on the way to meet me here. Doctor came in and said you don't need any thing stronger than Tylenol for that and cancelled my pain meds order. At the time I was like "oh okay, I guess but...." .I was numbed at the cut site and felt okay as they stapeled my leg closed but when I got home I was like wait I take Tylenol for a small cut or pain at home. I really could have used a pain killer to help ease the pain. I think the doctor acted with disregard to my personal well being and thought here one other person don't i don't have to prescribe a narcotic to. It's sketchy in my opinion. I was in and out in a couple hours. I've thought about complaining but they have bigger problems than mine. By day 3 I was good to go and felt no more pain again.

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