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3291 Loma Vista Rd, Ventura, CA 93003, USA
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Consumer feedback about Ventura County Medical Center

Rating: 5 /5

Bruce Holler

I came to VCMC with a very painful bowel obstruction. All of the doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff have been very friendly and helpful. The new hospital wing is also very nice and clean. Now I feel better and can get back to my family and my work. Thank you all very much. 😀

Rating: 1 /5

Lissa D

First of all this hospital over charges for any services. If you have insurance outside of their insurance opt to go anywhere else. Blood tests cost way more here than at quest for example. An ultrasound (not prenatal) costs out of pocket over $600 here versus if the dr sends to any other lab for ultrasound. Lastly my biggest issue here... their accounts receivable aka collections department seems to not be answering calls. Update** finally able to get a hold of customer service to make a payment. They are so rude and intrusive asking innapropriate and nosy questions. VCMC train your customer service reps!

Rating: 1 /5

Jeff Willison

Horrible place horrible doctor! I thought being a medical insured person that I would get the best care here since it's a state hospital. Had a driver to get me there which took an hour. I was in morbid pain and they let me sit there for hours without any pain meds to help with my condition. My oral surgeon spoke to the hospital doctor and said to admit me into the hospital so while I was admitted a pain management and a neurologist could figure out the morbid cause of my pain. However the ER Dr. Cheeky ( spell ? ) doctor refused to do so and let me leave in the same condition I came in with. I said this is inhumane! How another human being can be so insensitive is beyond me. Wondered if I was his parent, etc would I have gotten the same treatment I received? If his relative was in the grave pain I was in. Well of course not he would of done anything in his power to tend to him/her among the rest of the staff. The lack of care from these Doctors is mind blowing, sad, and frustrating. They don't care about you It's the money they care about. We are all screwed. Unless it's an easy fix. Something like my issue was to intense for him to deal he must not be educated enough for his profession. However he did refer to my pain as a suicide pain so he knew the pain I was in and still let me walk out those doors. Sad truly sad. Karma is bi*ch Dr. Cheeky. I sure hope he doesn't have children as they may be the first to suffer and he will than maybe feel the pain for others as he see's love ones suffering. I got up to find him as I sat there for hours for about 5 minutes I stood there watching him as he was talking and laughing with other employees. I couldn't believe my eyes as every second to me was an hour in pain he let me sit there as he kicked it leaning back in his chair having a good time. He came back to discharge me so he was no help what so ever. It was all a waste of time and money and he's getting paid from my insurance and I didn't even treat me. Are system is effed up.

Rating: 4 /5

Rachael Etter

The doctors and most of the nurses at the Family Center are so caring, genuine. You get to know one another and they make you feel more calm some how. There now my primary clinic and doctor.

Rating: 3 /5

Lois Sawyee

We went in at 2:30 And it is after 10:00p.m. And we are still here waiting for radiology to read the MRI. The nurses sit around the nurses station and gossip n good off. I saw more work being done by the lady janitor than all the nurses put together. They really need to get their priorities straight.