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Consumer feedback about Via Christi Hospital Manhattan, Inc

Naomi Hawkinson
Naomi Hawkinson

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 days ago

We delivered our first baby here and had a wonderful experience! My primary delivery nurse was excellent; I wish I could have her on call for my next delivery. They respected my birth plan and behaved professionally. We did not have any problems with our billing. I have nothing but good memories from our stay.

Mandi Paquette
Mandi Paquette

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

My son and husband received services. For my son it was an ongoing situation and after I did not receive a bill for a couple of months I asked the receptionist. I was assured they were just delayed. This happened for several months until I received a letter from collections for unpaid bills. After calling several times without any help I went to the hospital to find that his guarantor address was several years old and the paperwork I completed at the beginning of services had not been updated. For my husband there were several codes that were incorrectly coded and insurance BCBS said the hospital was responsible. We were sent a bill for these services even though that goes against the agreement between the hospital and BCBS. I called 4 times followed by going to the hospital in regards to this. We were still sent to collections. It took hiring an attorney to get them to take us out of collections. We still haven’t received an itemized statement and we are owed money as well as attorney fees. This is disgusting as most people do not understand insurance and would have been taken further advantage of. This is not uncommon from multiple people sharing their same experience. They can be provide great care but if they cannot follow legal agreements, customer service, proper and legal billing activities, causing additional stress (physical, mental and emotional), then sadly they do not have a place in health care. I have called, physically went in, emailed and faxed multiple times with zero follow through.

Buggin' A'gAin-HunnAy
Buggin' A'gAin-HunnAy

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

I ASKED HOW LONG 😮 AND THEY CALLED 911!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was there on 07/3 for nerve pain. Upon being informed of the wait.. I limped to the window (where they were chatting) and asked " how long "...
And just like that the young man with black glasses called 911 on me.
Yes just like that..
It was discrimination at it's best.
Asked for advocate, was told " it's 5, don't have one"
Charge nurse disrespected my name and said "sit down"..
Police came, ready to take me, then wanted to speak kind when they discovered no finding to even bother me.
The officer said..." well you can go back inside just don't cause a scene.. I even had to post it on Facebook live...
I left..but had to come back because this is the only hospital in the city.
I felt so defeated and dehumanized..
Came back with my daughter... Talk to a "head nurse" , she says.
Filled a complaint.
Talk to a complaint department..this past Friday 07/12/19
Just to be told that they are gonna have a class to teach when and when not to call 911...

Now 🤨 tell me...
Does that make sense to you? Exactly...
I have not been mentally well sense...
And when I was told they called my meds to the pharmacy...they lied. One did but nothing for the nerve pain, the whole reason I was even there...

Rob Pitt
Rob Pitt

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Got violently I'll on business trip to Kansas. They sent me out of the hospital with some fluids and no follow through plan. They forgot about me then let me leave and said it was stress. When I finally could fly home my doctor said I had flu and was lucky to return safely.

Rebecca Mosburg
Rebecca Mosburg

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Billing department is absolutely horrible. I don't think anyone knows what they are doing. Payed billed amount due back in November of 2018 amounting to over $4000.00. Requested an itemized statement and total of my bill and closed status was posted on my print out. Just received a letter from a collection agency stating I owe them another $318 or so dollars. Never even received another bill from them with that amount due. You can believe that I'll fight this tooth and nail. I'm not the only one to have had this happen. Crooks!