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15248 11TH ST, VICTORVILLE, CA 92392 USA

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Consumer feedback about Victor Valley Global Medical Center

Brenda Guerrero
Brenda Guerrero

1 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

This place doesn't even deserve a one star. Today my boyfriend took me here at 7:00 in the morning because I had woke up with the worst pain on my side of the stomach and it was getting worse plus I am 18 weeks pregnant so we were worried. We got there and the front receptionist were so rude and I was in EXTREME pain . Also there wasn't a lot of patients in the lobby either. We wait for 1 hour to just get blood checked and get sent back to the waiting room and I'm CRYING and constantly moving holding my stomach because the pain was getting WORSE and I couldn't do anything to sooth the pain not even a little. My boyfriend was really worried because he saw me that I was basically begging him to ask for help because I couldn't take the pain and I was worried if our baby was okay or something. The nurses would pass the waiting room hallways and see me in pain and they would just ignore me. My boyfriend would ask them a couple of times "She's pregnant and she's in a lot of pain that she can't take, is there any way you guys can take her in or give her anything for the pain, the pain is getting worse; how much longer?" and all they would say is "she needs to wait to be called. We can't do anything about it. It could be about 3 hours for when we call her" We were frustrated and angry because then what was the point of going to the emergency room if I can't even get any type of help. Sweet patients in the waiting room were telling the nurses to take me in before them to take their spot because they saw how bad in pain I was, and the nurses would say "No we can't do that, she has to wait." All the nurses I seen there were so rude and with attitudes. I ran to the restroom to throw up because the pain on my whole side of the stomach now wasn't letting me keep in fluids, I couldn't stand up anymore at this point so my boyfriend was basically carrying me , and after 2 hours of waiting my boyfriend who was frustrated because he saw me getting worse and crying from how much PAIN I WAS IN and that they would see me and not care or anything just carried me out and drove me to St.Marys Hospital. They came out with a wheelchair (Wasn't forced to walk for anything) and we only waited 5 minutes to get called and they did everything one after the other. And first checked that my baby was okay and that whatever this was wasn't so major. They gave me Tylenol to calm the pain , blood work, ultrasound, urine; PLUS the doctors and nurses were all so kind and friendly. And I was done in 2 hours with everything. Try to AVOID THIS HOSPITAL. This is the worst hospital and I'm never coming here again.

Angie Jaramillo
Angie Jaramillo

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Worst hospital ever. My daughter had a 104.3 fever and they made her wait an hour to be seen!!! Never again will I go to this filthy hospital. Staff in the front are incredibly rude. I had to make the drive to apple valley hospital instead and it was worth the drive!

Perlita Gil
Perlita Gil

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

I always hear horrible things about the hospital but I have not had a bad experience. My two boys were born there and recently I had surgery. A big thank yout to the staff and nurses for being so compassionate. The staff on the postpa