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Consumer feedback about Viera Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Mary Barck

Initially I was very happy with how easy the online check In was... however as soon as you walk in you are greeted by a man wearing a name tag of M. McFarland who is so rude! I had on jeans a long sleeve shirt and a jacket he instructs me to put my purse on the table for inspection then walk through metal detector. I walk through and apparently the button on my jeans set it off. He repeatedly asked me if I was wearing a belt I repeatedly told him NO. He couldn’t be any ruder with the way he spoke to me then proceeded to empty the contents of my purse all over the table. I asked him if he really needed to remove EVERYTHING out of my purse and his response was do you really need to bring it in? Really!? This is a hospital correct? Feels more like a jail. Being treated like a criminal is uncalled for!

Rating: 5 /5

Courtney C

I absolutely love the ER department. I was here a month ago for a suspected blood clot. The entire staff made me feel like family from the reception area to being discharged. I wish could give each healthcare provider that helped me special recognition. I have worked in a hospital in South Florida and been admitted to a hospital in Orlando and there is no place like this! I know if I ever ended up back in the ER I would be in great hands. I appreciate the hard work and dedication of the entire ER staff! Thank you

Rating: 5 /5


Been to ER several times for myself and family members over the years but never gave a rating before. The staff is always top notch and pleasant. Usually in and out quickly!

Rating: 1 /5

A Gooogle User

Even if the hospital KNOWNS they do not have the ability to treat you they will get you into the back to steal your hard earned $, and then transfer you somewhere else. This place is a joke. First. Security doesn't do anything. They allowed a patient to walk around the metal detector, didn't open the bag and didn't wand them. Good job at keeping weapons out of the hospital. Then it was my turn, walked through detector, it went off, guard looked at me and asked if I had a belt on, I said yes and walked in and he didn't check my bag either. I could have had a knife, gun or other weapons and he could care less. The nurses are rude, they will flat out tell you they are not staffed properly and are consistently transferring patients to other hospitals. Been here 5 hours in ER room, not waiting room, and nothing. Have not seen a Dr. Asked for water several times, nurse said she would go ask my nurse if I was allowed to have water, 45 mins later, she didn't even ask. If you are pregnant do not come here. They WILL TRANSFER YOU SOMEWHERE ELSE.

Rating: 1 /5

LeeLee Rumchata

I work my ass off full time but with the amount of bills I have to pay, the health insurance offered by my job would leave me with nothing to survive on left over. Anyway, I came in because I have spent the better half of a year vomiting everyday, unable to eat solids and at the time I decided to go to the ER, I did so because I vomited blood for two days. The check in person asked if I had insurance and when I said I didnt, she marked the paper with an X. I was promptly taken to Room 3... the floors and walls were dirty, I was given curt and rude treatment and not offered any pillow or blanket until I had wrapped myself into my coat and it was obvious I was freezing, the nurse who put in the IV was so inexperienced that she asked me if I wanted to just leave in the IV that was hanging halfway out or try the other arm (because its totally cool if its halfway hanging out as long as its My choice) and the bored looking nurse practioner barely spoke to me and asked if I was homeless. They did nothing but run a blood test to check my stats. And after explaining how much I had been throwing up and the obvious fact that leads to severe dehydration, I found they had no plans of doing an IV bag of fluid. I had to request it to a nurse. They proceeded to treat me like dirt and rushed me out of there without even letting me finish the bag of fluid. But they made sure to send me a huge goddamn bill for their disgusting service. And recommended me to a GI, which I cant afford and they know it I still vomit blood sometimes. And I still vomit everyday. Pretty sure until I save up enough to pay all the fees for testing with a decent place, I will probably not live very long. I never intend to go back to this place. It is depressing enough to have to go to an ER with that kind of terrifying situation... but being treated like you arent even worthy of their time or a decent room or service. Despicable.