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Consumer feedback about Villages Regional Hospital, the

Kim Miller
Kim Miller

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

My mother was in this hospital for about one week. The nursing staff wad inattentive and somewhat negligent. My stepfather, who has dementia, was also admitted due to a fall. Against the hospital policy, they put him in the same room as my mom, even though there were other rooms available. This was a terrible decision because he was agitated and awake all night, preventing my mother, who had stage four cancer, from getting any rest. I do not understand why they chose to do this, especially when it was clearly against policy.

My mother went several days with very little attention paid to her hygiene. Thank God my sister was there to step in.

The food was absolutely disgusting. My mom still had an appetite but the food was so bad she couldn't tolerate it.

Finally, she was transferred to a hospice center where she received much better care and attention until she passed away a few days later.

In short, I would definitely NOT recommend this place and they need to do some intensive, remedial training for their staff!

Alexa Goldman
Alexa Goldman

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

I drove my husband to emergency at 2:20 am. He had symptoms of a heart attack, and has a diagnosis of congestive heart failure. It wasn't until 9:30 am a doctor was available. Many patients in emergency were there for up to 12 hours without seeing a physician. He didn't get into a room until almost 1:00 pm.
We love our cardiologist, and the staff is wonderful, but they need better management. Elderly patients make up the majority of this community. While it's great to live in the Villages, don't get sick!

Lori B.
Lori B.

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Brought my best friend in because she was bleeding from the bladder.
She had bladder surgery 2 months ago.
We’ve been here now over 6 hours. Haven’t seen any doctor.
No patients in the waiting room when we arrived, still only a straggler coming in occasionally.
After being here a couple hours, they had her give a urine sample from the waiting room bathroom. Then, we sat back in the waiting room over an hour WITH the urine sample... aren’t they going to take it? “No, just hold onto it until they come out to get you.”.

When they finally brought us back, they sat her in a chair in the ER hallway for another 2+ hours. Why? There were empty ER rooms.

The ER staff congregates in the halls, laughing and joking and ignore any requests you have. I got a couple blankets for her because I saw where they were.
They get paid to stand around and joke with each other? Must be nice to be paid to do nothing. Why did we come here?!?!

She’s now finally in a ER room. The beep is loud from the monitors on her. It needs attention... just keeps beeping loudly. Maybe it just became kinked? They don’t care.
She’s sleeping now and I’m pretty sure, I’m just going to wake her and take her to another ER facility.
Over 6 hours wasted here.
They need to release this whole staff and hire people that will actually do what they’re being paid to do.

Darn shame. I just bought my house in The Villages. I love The Villages, but WILL NEVER find me at this incompetent hospital again.
Shame on the people that have allowed this hospital to be so very poorly run.

Richard Stoebel
Richard Stoebel

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

Just had my second procedure for kidney stones today by outpatient surgery. My urologist, Dr. Bowers, and his entire crew are awesome. The hospital staff from the volunteers at the front desk, admitting personnel, registered nurses, anesthesiologists and recovery room nurses were all professionals. Every where I looked, the place was clean and immaculate. I felt I was in the very best of hands during this experience. This hospital should be rated much higher than the ratings I see on line. The Advanced Surgery Center is highly recommended by me.

Vickie Henshaw
Vickie Henshaw

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

I don’t have enough good things to say about the quality of the care my father recently received here and the compassion with which the family was treated.....for what turned out to be a very serious condition requiring emergency surgery.....
I see a lot of negative reviews here and I am astonished. Our experience by every single person, CNA, nurses, doctors even the cleaning and food delivery people was the Best.....and I am from Boston......(where some of the best hospitals in the world are located)

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