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Consumer feedback about Villages Regional Hospital, the

Rating: 1 /5


The absolute worse hospital I have ever had to visit. The only reason for one star is many of the nurses and aides were nice and trying to do their best. One can tell that the nurse/patient ratio is substandard. Family member has laid in bed 4 days while no one can figure out what to do and then decide she needs a trauma center - then come to find out during this whole time no one has even attempted to give her even a basic sponge bath. It has now been over 36 hours since transfer decision was made and yet we still wait

Rating: 2 /5

Sarah Dehart

Sat in ER for over 7 hours. Sad because people were there because they didn't feel well to start with and had to wait, wait, and wait. And then wait, wait, and wait some more.They can't tell you anything. Mostly elderly folks were having to w a i t. We're still waiting as I am writing this. I will say the hospital employees we dealt with were all nice and competent.

Rating: 1 /5

Monica Hal

This is the absolute worst hospital emergency department i have ever encountered in my entire life. If you truly have a death wish they go here other wise do not even think about this hospital. This place should be shut down. My mother came in by ambulance, waited over 7 hours to be seen by the most arrogant, prick physician I have ever met in my entire life. He apparently got his MD from a cracker jack box. They then sent her home with pain scripts after 10pm, knowing no pharmacy was open. There is much more to it than just this. I just want to protect the Villages population and would love nothing more than this hospital to get what it deserves. The only reason it has a one star, is because I have to select one in order to post it, other wise it would be negative infinity. I work in healthcare, and I am just looking out for those who would like decent care. I would not let my dog touch foot in this place, let alone any human being.

Rating: 1 /5

Aimee McCall

Went in to the Emergency room for my issue, sat there for over an hour...Heard from other people that were sitting around me that they had been sitting there waiting over 9 hour's!! And all they could say was that the hospital was full and that they were sorry. So Fiance & I left!! Will make other arrangements to get treated!! You would think that they would at least be honest & up front!!

Rating: 1 /5

Matthew McCracken

My wife can't walk because of she is in so much pain. Has been in the ER waiting room for 4 hours. We told the desk she was going to pass out and they told use to wait. Worse hospital ever