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2001 S Main St, Hope, AR 71801, USA
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Consumer feedback about Wadley Regional Medical Center at Hope

Rating: 1 /5

Amber Peters

Rude, wouldn't let me go back to see my spouse bc I had my kids. In a time of emergency who has time to find a sitter? I recall a time I came in with my spouse and kids and they let us all back. I asked for an update and they wouldn't tell me anything. I'm currently sitting in the waiting area still not knowing a thing that's going on.. Oh, when I first got her my stepson was in the backing visiting with his kid but I can't come back bc of mine.

Rating: 1 /5

Melissa G

I would rather stay home and possibly die than to ever come back to this hospital. At least at home I wouldn't be made to feel like an insignificant piece of trash and a waste of the doctors time. His superiority attitude makes you feel benenith him. He has a very rude bedside manner that needs retraining. What kind of doctor tells you to "Google it"? Why bother with an expensive doctor when I can just Google stuff.

Rating: 1 /5


Came in with my wife that was having bowel issues, the doctor if you can call him that came in didn't tell us a name or anything just told my wife to lay on the bed she asked which way his response was the correct way, but we were treated like drug heads every other time we come here do not recommend unless it is just a have too

Rating: 1 /5

Jay Reyenga

I have never liked wadley, and if you scroll through the comments, its easy to see why. When the owner is constantly apologizing and wanting you to call them, usually not a good sign, especially when you dint receive the care you expected to receive after coming to the hospital. If your staff is the reason....find a new staff!!! i wouldn't take a dying animal there

Rating: 1 /5

tajuana donald

My best friend had to go to the hospital why they was in the hospital the nurse are medically said I couldn't be in the room out of three other people that was their way before I came to visit my friend but the nurse pointed me out of all four of us I didn't think that was right but I didn't complain so I just walked out as a person I am I'll call my friend and ask my friend what went on at the hospital they said a misunderstanding of people in the room said I said okay that will be the last time I'll come to that hospital