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Consumer feedback about Washington Regional Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

Carol Jenkins

I agree with most of the negative reviews on here. When you first come in and check in, a sign above the desk says "EMERGENCY and Triage". That is a lie. We came in at 8pm tonight (December 26) and were "triaged" 2 hours later. My husband has type A Flu with terrible respiratory symptoms, 104 temp, a history of heart and renal disease, just had surgery 2 weeks ago, and hasn't kept food down for 48 hours. He's extremely dehydrated. We got seen by a nurse after 4 hours, and still haven't seen a Dr. The nurses in triage were all rude, and spoke with a tone that said: "shut up and sit down, we really don't want you here." Once we got to the ER room, the nurse, Kelly was very nice, respectful and helpful. But still no Dr. As a medical professional myself, I know this is not the way to do business. This is not a way to show you care, as you advertise. Very bad experience. Next time, we'll go to Mercy Hospital in Rogers, where we've received superb care in the past. I would give you 0 stars if allowed on here. ( I didn't mention the very sick babies in the waiting room, or the man next to us whose finger injury was bleeding all over the waiting room while HE waited for "triage"!)

Rating: 1 /5

Gary Don

My boyfriend was ran over by a car and the nurses at this hospital are very rude; they will talk to you like are stupid trash. An hour after getting here they had him get up and walk across the room; the doctor hadn't even seen him yet. Don't take your dog here. If I could rate 0 stars I would. PLEASE GO TO MERCY. That's where I had my daughter and my stay was wonderful. Wonderful staff, and doctors. Everyone is helpful there and the hospital is clean. Save yourself.

Rating: 5 /5

Hannah Zenkle

Why do you people complain about having to wait on treatment for something that should have been taken care of at an urgent care clinic? Half of these reviews are for issues that don't even constitute a trip to the ER. Clinics can do X-rays, stitches, lab values, and more, and if any of your results are critically abnormal, they will notify you to go to an ER. The ER is a place for people who have serious heath conditions, and these medical professionals are trained to identify signs and symptoms to filter the ones who need prompt medical attention, from the ones who won't die because they have to sit a couple of hours in a chair with their finger bleeding. If you could see what it's like behind the scenes, you would realize that the staff here isn't avoiding treating you because they want to sit and watch you suffer. It's because they just spent an hour coding a patient in a room down the hall, or because they're running holes in their shoes trying to give medication to the patient who was brought in having a stroke. So if all you have to do is sit in the waiting room with a fever, consider yourself lucky. And if you have to deal with an employee who isn't completely delighted to come running in your room after you hit the call light 17 times, please keep in mind that they may have just got done doing chest compressions on a 3 year old that lost their life, and now have to listen to someone complain about waiting to have stitches removed. These people are doing the best they can with the staff they have. There are way more sick people in this world than there are people available to take care of them. Quit acting like that isn't obvious.

Rating: 2 /5

Diane Aday

They took very good care of my elderly mother through an emergency that required surgery and a lengthy stay back in March. Then during a return in Nov., the ER doctor did a lumbar puncture (brain drain) that she was apparently not fully qualified to perform and did it inadequately by not draining the amount needed. My mom now has brain damage because the right amount was not drained and is unable to walk anymore independently. We are having to take her to a neurosurgeon out of this area to hopefully reverse the effects of their incompetence.

Rating: 1 /5

Brittany Brooks

I waited 5 and a half hours to find out all I have is an infection. No staff came into the room to ask me if I needed water, or anything at all. So slow and never coming here again