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Consumer feedback about Watauga Medical Center

Rating: 5 /5

heidi lee

Nurses of 2West are AWESOME. My stay was not of my choice and their care and consideration (and inspiration) was a main factor in my healing. The food was great. I will always and all ways appreciate the kindness and understanding and dedication of the staff.

Rating: 4 /5

Jonathan D

I’m a 15 year acute care nurse and Charge Nurse. Just moved here a year ago. Completely impressed with the level of care provided by a “small town” hospital. WMC is up to par with the 600 bed hospital I came from. The teamwork is amazing, everyone works together for the patient, the Nurses genuinely care about their patients, both physically and emotionally. I myself was a patient here for the first time ever, hopefully the last for awhile, and was treated with the same care every patient gets. Sure if you need a major surgery or procedure or something beyond their scope you’ll get flown to WS or Charlotte, rightfully so, but I’ve been completely impressed with WMC’s capabilities. I would, and have myself, been admitted here. I’d have any of my family admitted here. I have full trust in their staff and the Doctors here.

Rating: 1 /5

Retired ERManager

I never write reviews but after coming to the ER of this hospital, I could not pass the chance to do it. I should say that I was an ER nurse for years and then I managed an ER for several more years so I do have an understanding of how these nurses and doctors should be required to act. First, regarding our experience, the nurses were slow to respond and very non-personable. When we first arrived the department was slow and I think maybe only 1-2 other patients there. Every one that came in our room acted as if they were put out by having to help us- they acted like we were taking up their time and they could not wait to get out of the room. We were there for awhile and saw a nurse maybe 3 times in 3-4 hours. We sat through the changing of shifts and both shifts were the same way. I think probably the thing that made me the angriest and most disappointed was witnessing nurses and doctors (not just ER doctor) making fun of a patient in another room. I purposefully listened because I wanted to hear just exactly what sort of staff this hospital and this department has working for them. They were making light of the girl’s situation and were saying inappropriate and mean words about her. I am not foolish enough to think that this does not go on but they were unusually cruel not to mention so unprofessional.. I later found out after speaking to a family member of the other patient that she was very sick and was still there when we left. They must have known her but still, if they would speak that way about one patient, they would speak that way about anyone. I would be hard pressed to ever come back to this ER and if I were their manager I would be having a serious sit down with these doctors and nurses to find out if they actually like their job or if they are just there to collect a paycheck. I sure hope none of them ever get a dose of their own medicine.

Rating: 2 /5

Aaron Barnhart

Took 8 hours to get four stitches in my finger. Think about that. 8 hours. A nurse also locked me out of the bathroom that leads to my room by accident. A lot of the staff seems like they’re not sure what they’re doing, but at least my doctor was great and smart and they helped me get a ride home at 5am. Got there at 7pm btw.

Rating: 1 /5

BluffingAce Wammack

The absolute worst hospital on the east coast. Save a lot of head ache and go to Caldwell or cannon. I went yesterday with severe diarrhea and vomiting for 3 days includes abdominal pain severely. The doctor took blood and said everything looks good. I say how does the blood show if I have a virus or bacteria he says it doesn't. I say well then what do we look at to find out what's going on. He says we don't the blood looks fine. So I leave with no meds or discharge for why I went in. Through the night the symptoms have worsened severly and I have to go back. By the way the labs came to my mobile phone and as I looked they weren't ok the red blood was very high which meant severe dehydration but who cares the think people don't know what they talk about and are too stupid to understand. Anyway I go back today extreamly severe symptoms and very sick. The same nurse ratchet from yesterday is in triage and was still as omnipotent and rude. She says well it's the doctor's discression on what test he does so sit out in the lobby and we'll see you when we can. I say at least please get a stool sample since I've been waiting this long holding it for him to get sample. She says ok sir here you go and hands me a urine specimen cup and says " good luck with all that". Are you kidding me? This hospital everyone needs to stay away from they are horrible people and horrible facility. They play silly games with people's lives.