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950 Matthew Dr, Waynesboro, MS 39367, USA
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Consumer feedback about Wayne General Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Sean Pinkerton

If you have an emergency and you have to go there, do so. Else I would avoid this place like the plague. The staff and doctors are horrible. Their doctor's diagnostics are horrible and often wrong. Their medical equipment is outdated but they charge pretty much the same price as living in New York. I was in a car accident and suffered a TBI. The doctor ripped my neck brace right off my neck with force and was considered "fine". Three days later, I could hardly walk a straight line. This went on for over a month. I visited my doctor about it and more than 2 years later they did nothing to help. I also suffered a lower back injury and they ignore it. X-Rays are uploaded to another city and they just scan though them in seconds.

Rating: 1 /5

Kyle Welch

If I could give a -5 , I would. These people wouldn't let me go back to do an ultrasound with my wife. When I asked at the counter why I couldn't , nobody could tell me why. Don't go here .The people here don't care about you .

Rating: 1 /5

Jenny Dobrydnia

Mother sat in emergency waiting room for over 3 hours. No one came to see how she was not give her an estimate on time till she could have been seen. 9-3-2016. When she finally had to leave because of low blood sugar, they asked her to sign a release. One doctor on duty that was busy and two nurses up front chatting it up instead of offering help to the many people in the ER needing help. Someone should open an quick clinic in waynesboro, it would be a much needed and appreciated asset to the citizens in need.

Rating: 1 /5

Bobby Strickland

My experience with this hospital has been the worst. I arrived at 7:25 PM was triaged at approximately 8:00, by 10:30PM instill hadn't been called back. There were only 2 patients ahead of me when I came in the waiting room. Approximately 9:15 a lady came in with her child that didnt look sick stated that he was trying to throw up. He was seen. Mind you that one of the patience had been here since 6 with a sick child because I ask them. This is the worst hospital experience I have had. I am also a heart patient that I could take advantage of, if I can't take my meds properly. This is a poor excuse for a hospital. Anyone that leaves a good review on there experience has done nothing but lie about it.

Rating: 3 /5

David Friend

Very clean, friendly staff, quick service. All around, a very nice emergency facility. Well worth coming back to if ever needed.