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Consumer feedback about Westchester Medical Center

Rating: 2 /5

Denise Martin

The doctors will save your life, the nurses will take great care of you, but the admin side of this place? First. If you unexpectedly need to drive to the ER, be sure to bring cash or your debit card so you can exit the parking lot when you're done. If your loved one is admitted, it will cost you about $6 a visit in parking fees (understandable, but again, you NEED money to get out of the ER parking lot) Inside, some of your personal items will be lost. Patients stuck in bed all day watch grainy TV reception. Your loved ones will be discharged without warning and without time to make arrangements for pick up. They will gladly transport the patient to where they need to go, but it will cost you about $100. The rooms they "store" 2 patients in are the size of closets. Seems all their money is spent on making the outside of the building look impressive. Once inside , past the lobby, it's evident all the money was spent on the water feature outside. The children's hospital I hear is perfection and state of the art. Seems the Westchester Medical Center is the right place to be if you're under 18 years of age. Older than that? Good luck. And sleep with your shoes under your pillow so you'll have shoes when you leave.

Rating: 1 /5


Worst hospital ever. I've worked with them as am EMT, I've been a patient of theirs in the ED, have friends who've worked and currently work there. All amazing and caring..... until they went corporate. I personally went there by ambulance for a complication from an earlier injury. Got ok care, not bad, not great. Month later, I get a bill for over $9,000 dollars. The hospital (corporate) bills, the doctor bills and the xray tech - all separate. The hospital billed my insurance company - with the wrong group numbers - so I get a notice. I call them,they assured once more I was good to go and would not have to worry about it. Fast forward to July of this year - I get a subpoena served to me by an attorney. I again, call and resubmit my information. They tell me to wait - two weeks later I'm on vacation and go to take out cash at the ATM. My balance? -$17,560!! This attorney put a freeze on my checking account because they hadn't received payment from my insurance! Called insurance - they say they have never received a claim from the hospital, but did from the doctor and x-rays. So, now, 2 years later, I have not a dime to my name, an attorney who is holding my money hostage since last week unless I pay them $567 a month until it's paid off. It's not about that this corporate run hospital is money hungry and does not care whether you're fighting with the insurance company or if they don't get pay fast enough... it's that they don't do their end of what is normal and submit claims on a timely manner or that they lie to you that they did.. disgusting and shame on them!!

Rating: 4 /5

Andreana Direnno

I had to take my five year old to the pediatric emergency room and as scared as I was there were two angels with us that day,their names are nurse Jackie and nurse Brianna they made the trip there more comfortable and relaxed.we need more nurses like them thanks again ladies.also doc Patel was a wonderful doctor who took very good care of my son explained all I needed to know and went a step above to call my son's doctor and touch base with him about the situation I thank all of you

Rating: 5 /5

mike byrd

This place has saved my uncles life more than once. We signed him out from 2 different hospitals which pretty much left him for dead...(after stroke) on 2 separate occasions. This place is caring and we are very grateful.

Rating: 1 /5

Allie fernandez

I came here at 3:25 pm and I left at 12:10 am. My 21 Month baby had 104.4 fever and a bad rash on his face and you would think they would try to take care of the toddler with this high fever but that was not the case. At 10:33pm they took my son to do an X-ray chest and claimed they were looking for him since 5pm and is just so unprofessional how the doctors, the X-ray technician and the nurses don’t communicate with one an another and blame the patients. I WILL NEVER COME BACK TO THIS TERRIBLE PLACE. I WILL NOT RECOMEND TO ANYONE TO COME HERE, all you see is inmate from a jail that’s next to this hospital. The staff here are RUDE and have no sympathy for parents who are worry for their kids health. Thank you for making me waste my time here and not doing anything for my child, I’ll be taking him to a hospital where staff actually helps and gives a damn about helping others.