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8201 W Broward Blvd, Emergency Entrance, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33324, United States
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Consumer feedback about Westside Regional Medical Center

Rating: 5 /5

Wonmi Yoo

I was experiencing severe throat pain on one side of my throat and went to MDnowUrgent care on W broward blvd and they wrongfully diagnosed me of having laryngitis without checking my throat and doing a strep test that came out negative, which i would believe as a yellow flag to make a firther assessment of the problem. My boyfriend brought me to the westside regional medical center emergency room and they diagnosed me to have peritonsilar cellulitis and took care of me so well between the blood work, immediate CT scan and discharge, everyone there was very nice and helpful especially because of my stressed and pain state. Thank you to the staff and Dr. Viviano for being so efficient and catching something that was obviously misdiagnosed due to negligence by a different doctor.

Rating: 5 /5

Rox Lauren

I've always had such a great experience every single time I've come to Westside. I recently went to Broward General because of some bad stomach pain and waited an hour without being seen. Upon arrival at Westside, I was taken to the back right away and given an X-ray to determine I was seriously ill. I don't know what I would've done without Westside. Every nurse I've encountered has been so great to me. Stephanie in ER. 3rd floor nurses: Tiana, Paige, Melvi & Danielle have all been so wonderful. This will always be my first choice. Amazing hospital! 💜

Rating: 1 /5

Anthony Liuzzi

My wife went in on New years day with excessive bleeding from her mouth. Long story short they told her to go contact a hematologist and she may have a blood disorder that could cause internal bleeding. Then they released her. Finding a hematologist was impossible until 1/3. He told her that was completely wrong she would have to go back to the ER and have them ask for a consultation. He said her never heard of this happening. So horrified after three days of hell and still bleeding she went back. On 1/3 that ER doctor told her she had a cut lip and just use ice. Of course I got two $440.00 bills after that. I wrote a letter to the CEO Barbara Simmions as this was simply wrong as all my wife's doctors told her. She never responded, I had spoken to the ER Director Dr Parkolap previously who did agree it was misdiagnosed after trying to justify the call. He said he would do something about the excessive billing. That never happened so I sent him a letter with a self addressed envelope on 1/5 where he could simply check yes__ no__ if he would keep his word and waive one or both of the bills. He never answered and now we got notices / threats from a collection agency. I am pursuing this with the State but this is really bad. Patients are not cattle and you don't release anyone with blood pouring out of their mouth you treat them. The staff found this somewhat humorous. We were polite and professional during all of this. More to come as we prepare for battle.

Rating: 1 /5

Erick Bruce

Westside Regional was very helpful in the ER and the ER staff is amazing. Once my father-in-law was admitted to ICU it went down hill. My wife went in to see her father and immediately noticed he wasn't comfortable. If it wasn't for his daughter noticing he would've slept in soiled sheets, his feet were cramped down to the bottom of the bed, he was dehydrated and needed his IV cleaned. The nurse barely spoke English and my wife explained everything over again to her dad. The nurse had the audacity to ask if family was staying overnight !! Because she has a new patient coming in. How about you do your job !!! My father has had around the clock care from family. Before we left the nurse Ana said we could call anytime to check in on him.. WELL I CALLED AND GUESS WHAT !!! ANA WASN'T AVAILABLE AND HAD ANOTHER NURSE TELL ME MY FATHER IS SLEEPING. That's it, just sleeping ? How about his vitals ? How about an update like you promised ?

Rating: 2 /5

Elizabeth Edwards

The staff seem frustrated. I have had several experiences with them and they seem racist. They leave bloody/used items behind and will walk in/out of your room without speaking. I asked the doctor about doing a test and he said if it's not acute problem they can't. I only recommend going here if your dying. In fact, I would recommend plantation general first (and that's sad). This hospital needs better customer service training and need to clean up behind themselves.