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520 Rose Ln, Wickenburg, AZ 85390, USA
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Consumer feedback about Wickenburg Community Hospital

Rating: 2 /5

Ashley j

He said "nope. Just tylenol. " well, we left one day early for the 11 hr drive home. Back in S as lt Lake City, her Dr. Immediately tave her percocet. Apparently perceceot is thr Common, Safe, well known choice for pregnancy. Thanks for THAT Wickenburg ER

Rating: 5 /5

Marsha McManaway

From out of town. They welcomed and above to help me. Thank you!

Rating: 1 /5

C Adams

After the incident with the hostile MRI tech (in review below) my boyfriend went to speak with the head of the hospital as I felt too ill. The head of the hosp. said it was on videotape (good news!) and he would review it. Of course after 'reviewing it', he claimed that it seemed to him that she was just helping me out of my wheelchair. Interesting since she grabbed me by both shoulder and starting pushing me after I stood. He also refused to let us see a copy of it ("we handle these things in house"). Considering how this place is run, I bet they do "handle things" in house. So now I'm filing a claim against this "hospital" with the Atty. General's office. We'll see if they agree that this massive woman (she couldbe a football player, and I'm a skinny, rather frail thing) was just helping me from my wheelchair. Luckily this conversation was also taped. Next I will post what the Atty General's office found. People need to be warned about places like this. Again, do yourself a favor, drive twenty min's. into Surprise. Also, I spoke now with other doctors. One at the Urgent Care at Banner. She said it should NOT be up to an MRI tech as to whether a radiologist will read my images or not. And that there's no excuse for them not reading what's there to try to help me as best as they could. People come into a hospital already traumatized physically and as a result, feel traumatized and vulnerable emotionally. There is ZERO excuse to further traumatize people who are seeking help, in those situations.

Rating: 1 /5

JT Laskin

This is a horrible hospital that should be closed. I went there one time and got sick!!! The Attorney General should be called. In fact I'm going to call them myself!!!

Rating: 5 /5

Candace Weir

I am always delighted by the personal quality one on one care and service we receive. I feel like I am respected and cared about. This is an update June 20, 2017. The hospital now has a heliport and a surgical center. I'm going for a colonoscopy tomorrow (TMI?) I feel very confident that I will have a great experience. (well, not like a cruse to Alaska) :) The Lab is great. Ask for a "butterfly" stick if you need blood drawn. It is far superior to any other method. The phelbotomists at the lab hospital are very skilled. If you want personalized medical care, that is the place to go. You will be treated with respect, warmth, and kindness.