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326 Washington St, Norwich, CT 06360, United States
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Consumer feedback about William W Backus Hospital

Rating: 2 /5


12/1, 0k despite shift change. Awesome staff, a few dust bunnies. ER1 12/21 ER4. Dirty floor, metal cup in sink under dripping faucet. Not a nights dirt, its been there a while. Great nurse,rude physician. Small ED should be clean as a first point of contact. Need to post pics. Good outpatient surgery care before, but ancillary urgent care was discriminating. Suffice to say I go further north.

Rating: 5 /5

Mitchel Manning

This review is only for same day surgery. I haven't yet had need for an ER visit, knock on wood. This is my second same day surgery I have had here. Check in is easy and the ball gets rolling rather quickly. There are multiple screens in the waiting room that show the patients as numbers only the families will know. This lets a family see the surgery status updated a lot like a flight in an airport. My wife really enjoys how that is handled. The staff is great. Everyone was in a good mood for how early it was and that really goes a long way to helping with the dreaded pre-surgery anxiety. Both before and after surgery I felt like I was in good hands and the staff helped me get oriented quite well as I was coming out of anesthesia. As far as same day surgeries go, I highly recommend this location.

Rating: 1 /5

David Gilles

Was very disappointed in the ER room staff. Brought in my girlfriend for severe chest/stomach pain that came out of no where/suddenly. This was later in the evening roughly 11:30pm. After being admitted We waited for 3hrs before we hit the "request nurse" button. A nice female nurse came in not knowing why we did; she pulled up our record and mistakenly thought that we had already been seen and treated by a doctor...(scary that kind of mistake can happen). When my girlfriends pain clearly had gotten worse over time, she was no longer able to communicate effectively. I again requested a nurse. A male night shift nurse came in; simply turned off the assistance request button; made no acknowledgement of my question on what can be done and walked out. As he walked I asked if we could do anything else for her pain (I was visibly scared); he murmured "nope" with an attitude as we walked away. I felt helpless and disrespected while being afraid for the safety of my girlfriend. The male nurse went back to the central desk and started joking with several other staff. I understand that the medical staff have a far better understanding of where their resources/attention need to go in an ER triage environment and I respect that. I would like to think that I was as professional and polite as possible (of course this is just my opinion) It seemed though that they gave no thought to the intense pain my girlfriend was in and made no effort to assure my girlfriend or myself that efforts were being made on her behalf, and had an overall dismissive demeanor. About 8hrs later A nurse came in and said that my girlfriend was being discharged (after being treated). I was confused and asked what the diagnosis/issue was that caused the severe pain, as no one had explained what the doctor believed was the issue. Seemingly annoyed they reluctantly went over what the doctor diagnosed with a recommendation that she go to her primary care physician to confirm the diagnosis. Being in the service I'm very used to be a "number" "another cog in the wheel"; my experience here took it to a new level. In ER circumstances you often don't have a choice where you go to. But if there is an option, this should be your last one.... Positive points: Initial entry into the ER nursing staff was polite and professional. Our first nurse within the ER genuinely seemed concerned with my girlfriends pain (we went thru 4 different nurses during our visit). They were very quick in getting our insurance and payment information.

Rating: 5 /5

Bruce Provencher

This was a positive experience during a very difficult time. Everyone has been supportive and empathetic throughout the entire process. From Dr Johnson in oncology to Jen in palliative care and finally Anne in hospice, the handling of my wife has been absolutely stellar. The nurses and the PCT's have been outstanding and the care has been consistently great.

Rating: 1 /5

Autumn Charles

They suck. I honesty think they be killing people in there. Oh and their mental health part of the hospital don't go there they suck. Like they don't care if you take your meds. Like they really don't. And then they let you leave. Smh. Its overall just not a good hospital from experience. Lawrence and memorial is way better.