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112 Mansfield Ave, Willimantic, CT 06226, USA
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Consumer feedback about Windham Comm Mem Hosp &Amp; Hatch Hosp

Rating: 1 /5

McKenzie Chatterton

Worst hospital I’ve been to! Rude doctors and employees. I accidentally pressed the wrong option on the phone options and was laughed at by the woman who picked up. She wouldn’t listen to me and just transferred me to the walk-in when I was trying to get the right number for an APPOINTMENT! I also went there for an emergency when my back seized up and I couldn’t move for hours. The doctor there wouldn’t take any of my concerns seriously and barely checked me out at all! She gave me ibuprofen and said it was probably nothing. WTH!?!

Rating: 1 /5

Theresa Benoit

Absolutely would not take my dog here. They failed to diagnose my family member properly. Failed to provide him with a patient advocate when asked. They decided if he was in pain or not He is at another hospital right now. Has been suffering in extreme pain for 2 days but because they said he should not be in pain they also insisted that because of his age he can speak for himself. He has memory loss and seizures! When I called to speak to them the doctor refused to speak to me even though I am the person listed on his medical proxy. This will be a legal matter

Rating: 1 /5

Joe Garvey

Don’t go here unless you are literally a minute away from death. Yes the staff is nice but if you’re not dying you will never see them. I went in with heart issues they told me they needed to run some tests and then I didn’t see them for over 2 hours and they didn’t take anything to test. If there was a way to give them zero stars I would. I just hope I don’t die tonight because of a heart condition.

Rating: 2 /5

Douglas Michaud

Rude staff members, Doctor on floor #4 rude and demanding. This hospital has become the worst of the worst since Hartford Healthcare took them over. So Sad.

Rating: 1 /5

C Green

Not capable of handling much except to transport you to other hospitals. It has transitioned to more of clearing house than a real hospital.