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Consumer feedback about Winthrop-University Hospital

Rating: 5 /5

jose soto

The entire staff was very caring and attentive. I would recommend this hospital to anyone. A top notch staff that are very attentive and make you feel like they genuinely care. Watch out for their twice a day walk with music, which encourages patients to walk around a little bit to happy music in order to improve their mood and health. I am very grateful for the excellent care I received at Winthrop Hospital.

Rating: 1 /5

Khemrajie Ramjeawan

This hospital's emergency room is anything but an EMERGENCY room. My dad went there yesterday at 4pm and it took them 3 hours to take 6 vials of blood and a urine sample. Why does it take 3 hours to get blood taken?! That is absolutely unacceptable. To top it off, we had to wait an hour to get the results and had to ask if the results came in. Then we had to ask two times for us to get the results. The doctor came over and spoke to us for about 3 minutes and then proceeded to say we would have to make an appointment with a urologist and it would take an additional 2 hours for my dad to be released from the emergency room. My sister who is a PA got annoyed and told them that it should not take 2 hours for someone to be released when nothing was done except blood work. This hospital needs to work on it's care and effectiveness. There is absolutely no reason that it should take a total of 7 hours in an emergency room when you are only getting blood work. I am disgusted by the lack of service that was received. I never write reviews but, I felt compelled to share my utter disappointment with this hospital. I couldn't even imagine how much longer he would have had to wait if my sister did not let them know that it is unacceptable. Wintrhop needs to find a more effective way to run its emergency room.

Rating: 1 /5

Namea Soundz

Worst hospital I’ve ever been to. I went at 12am with stomach and chest pains - I left at 7am feeling worse than what I did when I first got there. Not to mention I went on a Thursday night - it wasn’t even busy! The nurse bruised and missed my vein while doing blood work. People’s attitudes are crazy and not geniuin at all. Just straight robotic. “Feel better”.. 😒

Rating: 1 /5


My recent visit to Winthrop was by far the worst I’ve ever encountered at a hospital, and I have experience with many hospitals throughout Long Island. My heart breaks thinking of people stuck in this hospital, especially those without a family member there to help them, or who are unable to advocate for their own needs. I entered in pain through the ER, where the nursing staff was good (kudos to Kelly), but the ER physician Dr. McElroy was incompetent and gave me inaccurate medical information. I waited way too many hours for emergency ultrasound (compared to having the same at another hospital’s ER), and it was many, many more hours after that before seeing the attending physician- despite being told by the residents that damage was being caused the more time that passed. This was frightening. The attending, Dr. Koka, recommended and performed unnecessary "emergency" surgery 11 hours later as he was the only attending in the needed specialty on a Sunday. I later learned this surgery was based on an incorrect diagnosis. As a result, the surgery itself, not the diagnosis, led to permanent damage for a diagnosis that would’ve been better off left untouched. Following surgery, I was stuck with terrible night nursing. The RN Garlane plugged in my IV and left, without introducing herself, asking how I was, getting pain level, or giving any instruction at all. My mom had to assist me onto the toilet as the staff did not. We noticed I was lying in post-surgical blood and continuing to bleed. After informing the RN, we patiently waited hours for it to be addressed, with my poor mom needing to go home but knowing this must be tended to. Eventually I used the call button again and got Angela, who was extremely nasty and YELLED at me that it wasn’t her job (and proceeded to complain in the hallway loudly to others about it, instead of notifying the person whose job it was- I have no control over who responds to the call button). It was very upsetting to me and violated my privacy. Finally my mom, at 3am, sought out the nursing supervisor who instructed the RN to attend to this, and yet behind the curtain it was my mom, who is not a healthcare worker, who did the work. The nursing supervisor, who wasn’t particularly friendly himself, also switched my nursing assistant. I heard Angela was just as nasty to others. Further, my pain was not appropriately managed despite orders from the resident doctor. It was when the nursing supervisor got involved that I was given the pain medication. When the RN did give me meds, she didn’t say anything besides "you're welcome," handing them to me and immediately leaving, but I never had water to take the meds as they kept moving the tray and not giving me enough chance to notice. Something like that should not be an issue at all. So much for sleep. The RN failed to give me another prescribed medication that I had requested, which surprised the resident doctor. Fortunately, I was pleased with the daytime nursing team. I’m not pleased that all of this was completely unnecessary. I would’ve been better off staying home- I’d still have all my body parts which was my priority. It turns out that all I should’ve needed was pain medication. Lastly, Winthrop Patient Relations demonstrated a complete lack of concern for everything I described above, declaring I received "high quality and compassionate care." They did this without doing any investigation- they never spoke to my mom, who was there the entire time; the departments who made the determination also never spoke with me directly or asked any questions for more details and clarification. I find their statement and determination highly troubling as it shows that what I experienced is something their own quality control enables and supports.

Rating: 5 /5

Vincent Ciro, Sr.

I just returned from having ambulatory surgery at Winthrop. From the moment I was admitted to the moment I went home, I have never experienced such a wonderful team of healthcare professionals, especially the nurses and assistants. They were kind, caring compassionate and efficient. I could not have had better care. I can not adequately express my sincere thanks for their hard work and dedication. You were all absolutely wonderful.