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Consumer feedback about Woodhull Medical and Mental Health Center

Rating: 5 /5

Demi Sharese

Came here for a tooth extraction; 3 days of excruciating pain; The Dr leaves at 11 AM but the front desk lady took the initiative/time to ask since I called prior after the disappointment at wyckoff hospital not informing me there was no oral surgeons after I informed them I needed an extraction b4 being seen. I am so grateful right now!! If your having tooth pain come here; call ahead and make sure they have a oral surgeon if you choose a different hospital.

Rating: 2 /5


Waiting more than 1 hour arriving through emergency. Doctors and nurses seem competent, but they are SO slow. It seems as they purposefully make patients wait, as there is nothing stopping them from seeing them - they are available, talk amongst themselves, etc. Yet, patients must wait long times for apparently no reason. Ambulance triage process is relatively slow as well.

Rating: 2 /5

tony figueroa

The hospital has to my h more cleaner, organized, and my h more humbleness from the staff given severcies to patients care.

Rating: 3 /5

Ivelisse Villanueva

Ok.good asthma clinic, service for children's,but for adults the worse hospital.I when there poison take the product i eat by mistake,they didn't look at the product at all.Istay there from 6pm to 5am the next day.they send me home with motrin City need to get peoples who love the jobs not the check

Rating: 1 /5

Nick Smith

This hospital seriously needs to be investigated for its procedures. I arrived by ambulance at 2:00am with a large laceration on my leg, a cut artery and was bleeding profusely. I was put on a bed and left in a waiting area for 9 hours. No one had a clue what was happening with my care, and NO ONE cares about patients here. Once I finally was attended to, a nurse came over covered in another patients blood and reached for my open wound with bloody gloves. I screamed out "what are you doing?!" before she realized she was covered in blood, and took off her other scrubs and apologized. I cannot believe this is considered a hospital anywhere in America, the fact that a place is allowed to treat patients under such conditions is scary. My wound was caused by a rusted screw sticking out of an electric pool and was not cleaned up by the staff for 9 HOURS. Someone, anyone, please, look into the standards here, this is not right.