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Consumer feedback about Wuesthoff Medical Center-Rockledge

Jameson Rickerson
Jameson Rickerson

5 out of 5 stars

posted 5 days ago

My mother has been a patient at both Rockledge and Melbourne regional medical centers in the past year due to chronic health issues. I can personally say that I am more than impressed by the compelling and compassionate care she received being a patient here. From the moment she entered the ER to discharge, she was treated with the upmost kindness and respect anyone would want for their mother or loved one. The nurses in the ED were phenomenal!! I want to personally give a golden star to Natalie in the ER and Shannon and Genna on 3 south for your kindness and exceptional care you provided to my mother. ( there were many others) . And Dr. Thompson. Wow. What surgeon do you know will sit in a chair and talk with you like you’re their friend and spend an hour answering your questions and explaining everything that is going on? I want this facility to know that each and every person who took part in the care of my mother really touched our family in a way that can never be explained. My mother and our family are just so impressed and cannot thank you all enough. I live out of town but wanted to write this review to let everyone know that this is the place you want your loved ones to be if they need immediate care.. you are in the best hands here!!

Michelle Brock
Michelle Brock

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

If there’s anyway that I could talk to someone that actually cares about the patients in the hospital, and realize that these people in their hospital are peoples loved ones, their mothers, fathers, children, and grandparents. I’d really like to take a moment to speak with them, rather than the lazy, uncaring, and unkind people taking care of my loved one!! As someone who works in the medical field themselves, each patient should be loved and cared for like they would want their loved one to be cared for. Not bathing, dropping, harshly handling to the point where there’s visible hand prints on them, taking over 20+ minutes to get any kind of response to having to take a bowel movement, and then the only reason anything happened was because I walked out to the nurses station to hear upon walking up “Well this job is rock bottom, anything after this is better.” Wow! Really?
That really sounds like some wonderful people that I want to take care of my loved ones, how about you? Or how about if you were the ill patient there for help and they take their time with no compassion and no love and no empathy for you? It’s no okay that the patients and PEOPLE, PEOPLE are here for help that are treated like paychecks. That is not why you get in the field, you do it because you have a heart and because you are in it to make a difference and love and care for people.
It breaks my heart seeing my family member like this and I pray for his recovery and the love from the staff of the hospital he is at, this is not okay!! Not okay at all! It’s a hard enough time as it is.
floor two dropped him
all the other stuff happened floor three staff on at 7-7:30 pm, 3-18-2019 CNAS!!!
Rockledge Regional Medical Center.
If i could put zero stars I would put negative.

Timothy Bastian
Timothy Bastian

1 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

The ER department is a Joke. (1)Not ONCE but TWICE they attempted to have a discussion about my medical history in the waiting room while in the presence of complete strangers. (2)The second time almost seemed like it was to undermine my initial request for privacy via HIPAA. I witnessed doctors do this with a couple other patients in the waiting room. I was the only one that declined and requested to speak in private. (3) The doctor for all intents and purposes ignored anything and everything I had to say outside the realm my immediate symptoms to include environmental factors and additional chronic issues. (4) They gave me barbiturates in the ER after I asked about the addictive qualities of the drugs being administered. I only came to the realization of the class of drug after the fact. It was my second time there so they should have my information on file;they even asked me about my allergies and I had to correct them. (5)The paperwork I left with had my allergies listed incorrectly. (6)Oh....and I walked out with a prescription for barbiturates......and to top it off (7)I still have a headache.
A recovering drug addict

Lacie Slezak
Lacie Slezak

4 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

I've been here a few time so I would like to say yes the ER in this hospital is terrible so don't expect much!

My rating is for the maternity floor! I was extremely iffy about giving birth here but I felt a lot better after the tour, they also have 2 free classes I suggest taking for new moms. (one for infant care, one for breastfeeding)
I had a great birth experience here, I felt extremely well taken care off and the rooms were really clean and nice! They do skin to skin, delayed cord cutting, delayed baths (or not at the hospital at all), multiple birth positions, and the babys stay in your room! (Plus other stuff)
My only negative is that they're a little too pushy with breastfeeding. I get that its incredibly healthy (I'm still breastfeeding 5 months in) but I think they need to back off a little. My baby had really high jaundice levels and we really needed her to poop, I wanted to supplement with formula to help her go and the nurses really fought me on it, I didn't get any formal until I was able to speak to their pediatrician who ordered it. So if you plan to formula feed I'd suggest bringing your own stuff.
If you are planning to breastfeed though their really great at helping you figure things out and are incredibly supportive!

Jason King
Jason King

2 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

Brought my mother here with extreme pain in her torso. Being anemic and a cardiac patient (that's the ONLY thing they do well), they checked her heart and blood and gave up. Pain killer did nothing. She hurt even more after that. No further attempt to find the cause of her pain. Discharged from EMERGENCY in more pain than she came in with, no diagnosis, no explanation, and not even a final visit from Dr Ramage. Told by a nurse, go home and call our GP. This kind of negligence needs to be addressed. Now I'll be spending the day talking to doctors and lawyers and Medicare, oh what fun. Thanks for that. I certainly hope they don't expect to get paid.

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