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Yalobusha General Hospital
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3.3 out of 5 stars

Dr. Benjamin Apollos
Dr. Benjamin Apollos

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

Carolyn Shepard Bohnshack, Physical Therapist 10/12/17, @ 1:00 pm. I was greeted by a heavy set woman asking for my paperwork. She then directed my back to the front of the hospital. When I first got there I had to wonder if I was in the right place because none of the 12 staff members spoke to or acknowledged me. I waited 30 minutes then finally got service from Carol. She jargoned for 20 minutes, stretched my legs 15 minutes then left me in the room alone for 12 minutes. I noticed an older black gentleman with one leg sitting alone being ignored the entire time I was there and he was there before I got there. After 40 minutes they rolled him to a corner but never gave him any therapy. However, the one white lady next to him they begin working on him immediately. Before leaving I asked for a sick slip for the VA and she refused. As I was leaving she was staring at me so I waved good bye and she ignored me. The spirit was not good. Not sure what type outfit they are running but I believe if you look back at the video you’ll see that I’m telling the truth. Judging from her leadership style I can she why the place is cold. Lastly, the issue with my upper back was never addressed even with me complaining about it. In addition, not once did she ask me to remove my combat boots or pants so I’d have better movement; very impersonal. I didn’t understand this as I’ve been to at least 10 different physical therapist before and never did they work with me with shoes on or combat boots on. That felt discriminatory and prejudice. I did notice many of the white patients had their shoes off and was being attended to. As a 22 year military veteran I was offended the entire visit. 2nd Physical Therapy visit (10/18/17, at 12:00 pm) Much of the same; the department was having a meeting during my apt time, so I had to wait another 30 minutes for the meeting to end. Carol finally rolled over her computer cart as I handed her my VA paperwork while explaining what it was and how the VA needed my assessment from her, she immediately went in to excuses why she couldn’t fill the paperwork out stating a CFE needed to fill it out. So I asked, are you not skilled enough to give your assessment approval, she answered, “yes, but I don’t even have the equipment needed to do the assessment they are referring to. As we discussed why or why not she could complete the form she got louder and louder it seemed to embarrass me. She made that conversation very embarrassing with her very bad, boisterous and unprofessional attitude. Bottom line, as my therapist she refused to complete the paperwork. Within 3 minutes of starting my PT session she left me in the room to go work with someone else and didn’t return for 5-7 minutes. When she returned she had me perform several painful moves extending my leg out in front of me with my leg straight. Once again as in the initial visit I reminded her that my upper back pain felt like a 9 with 10 being the worse. She ignored me. At least 2 more times over the next 10 minutes I complained and she said nothing. By this time, approximately 25 minutes into the therapy she said, “well, that’s it.” Asking me if I wanted to return for another session. She mentioned that the guy who was supposed to be there to discuss dry needle technique was not there today as she thought, so I need to speak with him on Thursday. Last visit she told me I’d have another therapist, different from her but this wasn’t the case. Before leaving, I reminded her that I needed another one of the confirmed visits to turn in to the VA for Travel reimbursement. She told me that she couldn’t give me one because the secretary wasn’t there. So I left there without my confirmation. This was not true because she issued the initial one. I reminder her that the VA needs reports on their forms but she refused to comply. You all really need to review the video to see the dynamics. This place has a cold spirit to it. Not sure that we should rule out racism; at minimum its discrimination. Maybe they lose VA money they'll straighten up!

Brenda McCullough
Brenda McCullough

5 out of 5 stars

posted 7 months ago
Sylvia Turner
Sylvia Turner

4 out of 5 stars

posted 9 months ago

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