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2400 S Avenue A, Yuma, AZ 85364, USA
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Consumer feedback about Yuma Regional Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

Carissa Noriega

What is the point of having this beautiful facility built if they do not have quality health services. I have had good experiences in the main hospital with good care, however emergency services are not good at all. There for 9 hrs and never saw a doctor. Why does it always take so long 😒

Rating: 1 /5

Rob Ellis

This place absolutely sucks!!! 7 hours being treated like a piece of trash... My mother came in with stroke symptoms and sat for seven hours in the ER to talk to a fat doctor that had the worst bedside manner I in my 56 yrs. of being alive have ever witnessed!!! Ladies and gentlemen save your precious time and money stay away!!!! Nurses suck, techs suck, Doctor on call royally sucked! Should have driven to Phoenix and back for the time we wasted in this dump!!! Please save the BS for the number that I can call to complain!!!!! Better than that stick it where the sun doesn't shine!!! Read the reviews this place got 2 1/2 stars????? What?????

Rating: 1 /5

sarah marchuk

This place is completely money driven. They keep people here all day running all kinds of test to tell them they are fine or to give them a prescription for allergies lol. This place is gross. Every bathroom has urine on the floor and toilets. I was there for 7 hours and never saw cleaning people clean. The bed side manner is a joke. The sad part is they can't just treat you like a person, it's more like cattle going through the door. Really there is no other hospital so where are you going to go and the hospital knows that so they really do treat you like cattle.

Rating: 4 /5

Amber Hall

I received great care 3 years ago when I delivered my child. Andrea Aguilar was a very compassionate nurse and was so patient during my long labor. I accidentally fell asleep on her when I finally got my epidural and required a lot of medical attention, but she was so kind and never appeared bothered. The hospital was very clean, and I loved the new labor and delivery wing. The nurse (I can't remember her name) who gave me a tour of the hospital was so funny and eased a lot of my fears before the whole ordeal. My only complaints came after delivery, during recovery. I felt like those nurses were annoyed by me, so I was too nervous to ask them any questions. They seemed really annoyed when i had my siblings visit, too. I felt like they were being rude on purpose to make my guests leave-- like popping in a video about how to take care of my personal regions (even though I had all night and the next morning to watch it). It was a tough recovery, so those nurses should've been a lot nicer.

Rating: 3 /5

Morgan Williams

The hospital is decent. Staff is good. One of my biggest problems is the 2visitor limit in the post-pardum rooms. I’ve never been to a hospital that limited the amount of visitors in your room after having a baby. I’ve worked in a hospital and not only did they not have a limit they’ve had no security issues in the birth unit. This hospital needs to update that or allow 4 or so. Absolutely ridiculous rule.