EMR software in India

EMR software in India is a fast developing market.  The potential market for EMR software in India and China is driven by the approximately 2.5 billion combined population. However most experts believe that these two countries are still too young to implement such software. Especially considering the fact that less than 5% of the combined populations of the two nations currently have access to a fast and reliable Internet connection. It also has to be considered that in India there are 1,700 patients per physician, which contrasts with countries such as USA, whose ratio is 400:1.

Software companies believe that in these emerging markets the “way to go” could be the development of a brand new system and path considering how fast these growing markets are, and considering that they are in continuous evolution. For EMR software in India, it is very interesting to see if they can develop remote installation software. This would allow them to compete with all the EMR vendors in all the markets, including the lucrative American market.

The following list includes vendors of EMR software in India, please contact us if your company is not listed:

21st Century Health Management
Location: Mumbai, India
Email: satish.kini@21chms.com
Telephone: 0091 22 6595 4400
Website: www.21chmslabnet.com

Location: Chennai, India
Email: info@agastha.com
Telephone: 0091 044 4203 8699
Website: www.agastha.com
US Location: Charlotte, NC
Telephone: (252) 565 4327 (US)

Akhil Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Location: New Delhi, India
Email: aspl@nde.vsnl.net.in
Telephone: 0091.11.42644111
Website: www.akhilsystems.com

Aosta Software Technologies
Location: Chennai, India
Email: bhavani@aostasoftware.com
Telephone: 0091 44 4559 0150
Website: www.aostasoftware.com
US Location: Chicago, IL
Email: sales@aostasoftware.com
Telephone: (312) 867 7271 (US)

Binary Spectrum
Location: Bangalore, India
Email: info@binaryspectrum.com
Telephone: 0091 80 4057 6000
Website: www.binaryspectrum.com
US Location: Paramus, NJ
Email: sales@binaryspectrum.com
Telephone: (813) 902 2396 (US)

Bio-Analytical Technologies
Location: Pune, India
Email: contactus@bioanalytical.net
Telephone: 0091 20 2453 0811
Website: www.bioanalytical.net
US Location: Naperville, IL
Email: Sales.US@bioanalytical.net
Telephone: (630) 857 3489 (US)

Birlamedisoft Pvt Ltd.
Location: Pune, India
Email: info@birlamedisoft.com
Telephone: 0091 20 6510 6272
Website: www.birlamedisoft.com

Custom Soft
Location: Maharashtra, India
Email: info@custom-soft.com
Telephone: 0091 20 3042 9193
Website: www.custom-soft.com
US Location: Woodmere, NY
Email: usa@custom-soft.com

Doctor Sahab
Location: Jaipur, India
Email: sales@doctorsahab.com
Telephone: 0091 141 23 643 70
Website: www.doctorsahab.com

ecare India Pvt. Ltd.
Location: Chennai, India
Email: sales@ecareIndia.com
Telephone: 0091 44 4242 8888
Website: www.ecareindia.com

Healthcell India
Location: Mumbai, India
Email: ajay@healthcellindia.com
Telephone: 0091 22 28 54 5757
Website: www.healthcellindia.com

Indus Infocom Pvt. Ltd.
Location: Bhopal, India
Email: info@indusinfocom.com
Telephone: 0091 755 4269296
Website: www.indusinfocom.com

Location: Bangalore, India
Email: nsiva@itechws.com
Telephone: 0091 80 4095 9338
Website: www.itechws.com

JVS Group
Location: Ahmedabad, India
Email: sales@softclinicsoftware.com
Telephone: 0091 93769 04601
Website: www.softclinicsoftware.com

MD Synergy
Location: Haryana, India
Email: info@mdsynergy.com
Telephone: 0091 124 427 8329
Website: www.mdsynergy.com
US Location: Woodland Hills, CA
Telephone: (818) 914-3400 (US)

Location: India
Email: sales@medinous.com
Telephone: 0091 80 4193 9400
Website: www.medinous.com

Medpac Systems
Location: Bengaluru, India
Email: info@medpacsystems.com
Telephone: 0091 80 4169 2632
Website: www.medpacsystems.com

Location: Hyderabad, India
Email: praveens@millenniumsoft.com
Telephone: 0091 80 9906 3393
Website: www.gomillenniumsoft.com
US Location: Fairfax, VA
Email: sai@millenniumsoft.com
Telephone: (703) 698 9232 (US)

Millennium Business Solutions
Location: Kolkata, India
Email: info@mbs4health.com
Telephone: 0091 33 4008 7973
Website: www.mbsindiaweb.com
US Location: Columbus,Ohio
Email: sroy@mbsindiaweb.com
Telephone: (614) 818-5820 (US)

Novel Medicare Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Location: Kolkata, India
Email: corporate@easyclinic.in
Telephone: (033) 4007 1494 97
Website: www.easyclinic.in

Location: Gujarat, India
Email: ismindia@ismnet.com
Telephone: 0091 79 2644 0321
Website: www.omnimd.com
US Location: Tarrytown, NY
Email: sales@omnimd.com
Telephone: (914) 332 5590 (US)

Location: Maharashtra, India
Email: info@qualsoftservices.com
Telephone: 0091 20 30429193
Website: www.qualsoftservices.com

Revenue XL Inc.
Location: New Delhi, India
Email: ://www.revenuexl.com/contact-us/
Website: www.revenuexl.com
US Location: Cupertino, CA
Telephone: (408) 625 7254 (US)

Spigot Software
Location: Karnataka, India
Email: salesenquiries@spigotsoft.com
Telephone: 0091 80 2572 4081
Website: www.spigotsoft.com

Location: Kerala, India
Email: sales@squbeplc.com
Telephone: 0091 471 307 0595
Website: www.squbeplc.com

Stylus Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Location: Bangalore, India
Email: enquiry@stylusinc.com
Telephone: 0091 80 42443000
Website: www.stylusinc.com

Synergy HER
Location: Hyderabad, India
Email: info@sindhusynergy.com
Telephone: 0091 40 2360 0827
Website: www.synergyemr.com