Personal Health Records Software For Consumers

What are Personal Health Records?

Personal health records and patient portals are useful tools for managing health.

A personal or family health record is the collection of every kind of information about a patient’s health, written from a patient’s perspective.

You are probably already using PHR if you’re keeping track of your medical records inside a folder, and you may know the big load of paper they bring upon, which makes it difficult to have at hand what you need when you need it.

This is why electronic personal health records (PHRs) are handy, making online access to your information anytime on computers or smartphones. Personal health records can have different forms, but they are essentially a list of your medical conditions, medications, and treatments with additional information, such as allergies or family history.

The idea of a personal health record is to have all your health information in one place for quick access whenever you need it. However, this is not possible if the data is not organized properly or the PHR is not properly used.

For using the PHR successfully, it’s important that you actively update any change in your health and medical situation and share them with your doctor or healthcare providers.

Unlike electronic medical records (EMRs), personal health records can be used without the need for care providers’ involvement or even knowledge of existence. This is because they are not considered part of regular medical records.

What can I do with my Personal Health Record?

In the PHR, you can keep track of what kind of medications you are taking, when and how much, and which ones cause adverse effects. You can also keep track of your results in physical examinations and any other tests or diagnoses. You will also be able to keep track if any prescribed medication is outdated or if over-prescribed. However, you can’t see your doctor’s diagnostic report without first knowing the patient’s medical history.

Why I should create a Personal Health Record?

  • To store and manage personal health information
  • To give information to authorized care providers
  • To get the most out of your health benefits

The Advantages of Personal Health Records

PHRs are the first tool you can use in an emergency, as it contains information that can be given to first aid providers.

Also, when seeing different specialists, patients can collect data stored in different EHR systems inside their PHR to have data gathered in one place.

With PHR patients can also:

  • Keep track of health progress and track health conditions (such as high blood pressure)
  • Add data produced at home when monitoring different parameters to have an extensive use case to show to the next visit
  • Organize, keep track of appointments and reminders to generate a prevention program for each patient’s needs.

Disadvantages of PHRs

There are no actual disadvantages of PHRs; the only small inconvenience is the time it takes to build a complete health record. Patients will have to enter all their information beforehand and sometimes add records that come from different EHRs.

Patients may be required to update their PHR manually after seeing a doctor or taking a test.

PHRs, EHRs or Patient Portals

Personal Health Records (PHRs) are not quite the same as Electronic Health Records (EHRs), or Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), owned by health institutions such as doctors, hospitals, or insurances.

EHRs contain the same basic information as PHR, such as patient’s basic information, medications, and allergies. EHRs are designed to contain more complete information as health care providers manage them to store meaningful information.

A patient portal is when Personal Health Records are connected to Electronic Health Records. Usually, patients can add information to the records via the portal, such as basic information that may come at handy in case of emergency.

You can start a PHR by asking your doctor if they recommend one and start using it!

You’ll be offered reminders, appointments minutes, test results, and medication lists and dosages.

What are EMR – Electronic medical records?

EMR, Electronic medical records software, is a software that automates documentation, storage, and retrieval of medical records of patients.

EMR software manages everything regarding patients and their health treatments: from the logistics to prescriptions and payments. Some kinds of EMR software include a platform that permits direct communication between health professionals and patients, providing users with the possibility to book appointments, open and view test results, compiling forms and surveys online.

Are EHR and EMR Improving Healthcare?

EHR (Electronic Health Record) is not to be confused with EMR (Electronic Medical Record) software.

EHR is a broader definition of EMR, as those software help dealing with all aspects of patient administration. In contrast, EMR aims at covering aspects more related to patient records in a less managerial way.

The line between the two isn’t so definite, though, as some EHR software have EMR capabilities, and vice versa. A line that will eventually be crossed as patients demand more integrated services to be available online.

Advantages of Electronic Medical Records

Electronic software in the field of medication helps the exchange of information electronically, providing a high-quality and safe service for patients while enhancing Companies’ efficiency.

  • Accurate and up-to-date patient information
  • Efficiency in care and management of patients
  • Fast access to information and medical records for patients
  • Safe sharing of information between patients and professionals
  • Improvement of the quality of communication between patients and doctors
  • Safe prescriptions
  • Electronic compiled documentation, available whenever needed and legible
  • Enhanced privacy for patients
  • Less paper and less costs

Overall, those software are enabling a different culture in the relation of patients and hospitals and medical professionals in general, transforming health care step by step: improvement of safety, efficiency, effectiveness, equity, patient-centeredness.

Efficiency includes lower costs related to health care achieved with better coordination and integration of services and tests, leading to an improved clinical decision making with the integration of patient data and information coming from all different sources.


We know how impossible it is to keep track of your and your families medical records. So we have compiled the best personal health records sources for you!
Our over 40 options gives you plenty of room to find the perfect personal health record source for you!
1. Access My Health , Personal Health Records Software For ConsumersAccess My Health is a cloud based PHR service for health, medical, and legal records. This PHR offers a medical ID card, prescription discount cards, an ICE program, an online blood lab, medical ID bracelets, a health information library, and a pharmacy locator.
2. American Medical ID , Personal Health Records Software For ConsumersAmerican Medical ID allows you to maintain an online personal health file of your medical records and sells medical jewellery so you medical personnel can be informed of your medical conditions.
3. Care Medical History Bracelet , Personal Health Records Software For ConsumersCare Medical History Bracelet sells emergency bracelets that can be plugged into any computer, providing instant access to your complete health history along with e-Manager Software.
4. Global Patient Record , Personal Health Records Software For ConsumersGlobalPatientRecord is a personal health record for you and your loved ones. This PHR offers you constant online access to your health information, interaction with your healthcare provider online, and health reminders.
5. Health Companion , Personal Health Records Software For ConsumersHealth Companion is a healthcare social network that serves as a PHR. This PHR allows you to control and organize your healthcare records, track your prevention and wellness, and communicated with your health providers.
6. Health String , Personal Health Records Software For ConsumersHealth String is an online wellness program that allows you to live a healthier life. The way the program works is individuals are paired with a registered nurse, who will create a personalized wellness strategy for them.
 7. Health Vault , Personal Health Records Software For ConsumersHealth Vault is Microsoft’s platform for people to gather, store, use, and share health information online. The three pillars of Health Vault are organization of your family’s medical data, preparation for doctors appointments and unexpected emergencies and a comprehensive look into your health in one place.
8. HealtheTracks , Personal Health Records Software For ConsumersHealtheTracks is an affordable online PHR system for the whole family which you can try with a free trial. HealtheTracks PHR offers many categories, ranging from Children’s Healthy Check Ups to Dental Records.
9. Innovision Corp , Personal Health Records Software For ConsumersCheck Up, Innovision Corp’s software, helps parents keep track of their children’s immunizations, athletes record their diet and workout, and someone fighting cancer document their prescriptions and doctor’s appointments.
10. Kare Information Services , Personal Health Records Software For ConsumersKare Information Services (KIS) offers a  personalized medical records profile that is accessible online 24/7.
11. Life On Key , Personal Health Records Software For ConsumersThe Lynx Healthcare Navigator will help you get the most effective care from your physician and give you full control over your medical records. This program offers condition-specific health and wellness tools.
12. Life Saver App , Personal Health Records Software For ConsumersLifeSave App providers a medical ID card which gives you and medical professionals access to your medical records online. This application is vital for individuals with chronic illness, care givers, home health care professionals, etc.
13. LifeLedger , Personal Health Records Software For Consumers LifeLedger is a PHR for adult children to assist with their aging parents with options of a free or premium account.
14. MedCommons , Personal Health Records Software For Consumers MedCommons is a online venue to transfer medical images for patients. This service allows you to upload pictures from either a CD or scanner for free for 40 uploads per month.
15. , Personal Health Records Software For sells patented bracelets and pendants that are encoded with a personalized code that gives either them or medical professionals access to their medical records online.
16. Medefile , Personal Health Records Software For ConsumersMedefile is a trusted service that collects, organizes, and store medical records. This online service allows you to upload the medical images straight from a CD or scanner for free for up to 40 transfers per month.
17. Medic Alert Foundation , Personal Health Records Software For ConsumersMedic Alert Foundation offers medical IDs in the form of jewelry to be able to alert medic responders to underlying medical conditions. This program offers many different types of MedicAlert memberships to find your personal health needs.
18. MedNotice , Personal Health Records Software For ConsumersMedNotice provides secure storage for your medical records and an ID card for you wallet. Your PIN number is located on your ID card to ensure that any health professional will be able to access necessary medical information in the case of an emergency.
19. My Family Health The Surgeon General’s Office provides MyFamily Health, which stores your family health history and allows you to print and share the information. This service is also available in multiple languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian.
20. My Vet Health , Personal Health Records Software For ConsumersMy Vet Health is the online personal medical records system for VA patients. This PHR was specifically designed for Veterans, active duty Servicemembers, their dependents and caregivers.
21. , Personal Health Records Software For ConsumersMyHealthFolders offers secure web-based health information manage and emergency access to your health information by health professionals.
22. , Personal Health Records Software For offers multilinguage personal health records and electronic safe deposit box storage solutions. This PHR is key for taking control of your health.
23. MyMedLab , Personal Health Records Software For ConsumersMyMedLab is a platform of all resources regarding medical laboratory testing that is centralized around their personal medical records system.
24. MyPHR , Personal Health Records Software For ConsumersMyPHR offers medical record storage perfect for parents, seniors, chronically ill and caregivers. MyPHR is the perfect resource for seniors, parents, those who are chronically ill, and caregivers.
25. NoMoreClipboard NoMoreClipboard provides consumer with a portable, patient-managed personal health records platform. This PHR is ideal for individuals with a chronic condition, baby boomers who find themselves taking care of aging relatives, older children and their own health care needs, or aging seniors.
26. Partners Healthcare , Personal Health Records Software For ConsumersPatient Gateway offers a secure electronic link between you and your doctor. This resource is a venue to request routine appointments, prescriptions, and referrals.
27. Patient Ally , Personal Health Records Software For ConsumersPatient Ally is a time-saving personal health record management system. Patient Ally keeps track of your health data for free while also allowing you to connect to your doctor to schedule/change appointments and request medicine or prescriptions.
28. Patient Fusion , Personal Health Records Software For ConsumersPatient Fusion offers quick access to your health records in conjunction with your doctor. Use this mobile application on the go so you’re never without your medical information anywhere in the world.
29. Patients Like Me , Personal Health Records Software For ConsumersPatients Like Me is a real time health information sharing website for patients, including personalstories and health data about your condition. This website include a personalized health tracker.
30. People Chart , Personal Health Records Software For ConsumersPeople Chart provides a service that helps patients gather and use their medical records to improve their health care at home and while traveling.
31. Records For Living , Personal Health Records Software For ConsumersHealth Frame, Records For Living’s program, consolidates all of your family’s medical records in and organized fashion. Use this vital resource to stay on top of doctors appointments and prepare for unexpected emergencies.
32. Tolven Health , Personal Health Records Software For ConsumersTolven offers a healthcare informatics platform, an electronic clinician and personal health record, and a health analytics solution.
33. Wakefield Soft Health File is a personal medical records and information organization software for your mobile devices, such as Palm OS, Pocket PC, and Windows Mobile.
34. Web MD Manager , Personal Health Records Software For ConsumersWed MD Manager offers personal and family health records storage and emergency health cards for your wallet.WebMD is a renowned healthcare website and their PHR has excellent reviews.
35. Your Health Record Your Health Record offers online health record storage for medications, immunizations, illnesses, operations,etc.
36. Zebra Health , Personal Health Records Software For ConsumersZebra Health gives you control of your healthcare by offering free personal health record online. This PHR gives you more control over your health.     Check out the Twitter list! Back to the Healthcare Resource Directory