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  • Predicted Key Healthcare IT Conferences in the United States for 2024

Predicted Key Healthcare IT Conferences in the United States for 2024

  1. HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition
    • Focus: Healthcare IT, EMR/EHR, innovation, and policy.
    • Typical Location: Varies annually across major U.S. cities.
    • Website: HIMSS Conference
  2. Health 2.0 Annual Conference
    • Focus: Health tech, start-ups, and new digital health tools.
    • Typical Location: Often held in California.
    • Website: Health 2.0 Conference
  3. AMIA Annual Symposium
    • Focus: Medical informatics, data science, and big data in healthcare.
    • Typical Location: Varies; often major U.S. cities.
    • Website: AMIA Symposium
  4. RSNA Annual Meeting (Radiological Society of North America)
    • Focus: Radiology, including imaging informatics.
    • Typical Location: Usually in Chicago, IL.
    • Website: RSNA Meeting
  5. Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Regional Conferences
    • Focus: Regional issues in healthcare IT and EMR/EHR.
    • Typical Location: Various locations across the U.S.
    • Website: HIMSS Regional Conferences
  6. Digital Health Summit (Part of CES)
  7. Health Datapalooza
    • Focus: Data liberation, public and private sector data usage.
    • Typical Location: Washington, D.C.
    • Website: Health Datapalooza
  8. MGMA Medical Practice Excellence: Leaders Conference
    • Focus: Practice management, leadership in medical group practices.
    • Typical Location: Varies.
    • Website: MGMA Conference

Tips for Staying Updated

  • Conference Websites: Regularly check the official websites for the most current information.
  • Newsletters and Industry Publications: Subscribe to newsletters and industry publications for updates on conferences and new event announcements.
  • Professional Networks: Connect with peers in the healthcare IT field for insights and recommendations on must-attend events.


  • The details for the 2024 conferences, including dates and locations, will need to be confirmed closer to the time, as they are subject to change.
  • Due to the dynamic nature of the healthcare and tech industries, new conferences may emerge that could also be of interest.