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EHR / EMR Training Consultants

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EHR / EMR Training Consultants

Once you’ve selected and purchased an EHR / EMR system, installation, integration with practice workflow and EMR training are all still required for a successful outcome in the long run.

While many EMR system vendors either offer in-house services or have relationships with preferred outside EMR system service providers, some may want to hire independent EHR training consultants who can provide more customized training and ongoing assistance. You also may want to hire EMR Installation Consultants, who can help with the initial EMR installation.

Mapping your practice’s workflow is something that is done prior to EMR installation, but it is rare for the process to be perfect or complete on the first attempt. When installation is complete and you start using your EMR system, it is common to find that there are gaps in workflow handoff, unnecessary or duplicated steps, and a loss of efficiency as staff cycle move over to a new way of doing things.

It is also true that EHR training success is maximized if it is spread out over time, since questions naturally arise as staff get more experience with the new system and uses more of the system’s feature sets. Also, your EMR system won’t live in isolation. While routine claims may be handled well and with immediate positive feedback, outside referrals, billings, and healthcare insurance claims can have cycle times measured in months, and if problems in these areas surface, they are likely to be more complex issues. Having EMR training consultants to aid in dealing with these ongoing system and staff issues can be of great help.

Likewise, there are HIPAA security and privacy rules that must be complied with, and a consultant with EMR training experience can make sure that your new workflow, systems, data storage, and system backup are HIPAA complaint.

There are no licensing exams to become EMR training consultants, but there are several professional certifications for Healthcare IT professionals, including The Certified Professional in Healthcare Information and Management Systems (CPHIMS) Certification offered by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems. Regardless of EHR training certification, it is important to examine the type and quality of EMR training work performed for other clients, as well as looking at the systems with which they have experience. EMR training consultants with deep experience in integrated client / server systems, for instance, may not be as familiar with technical issues that mighty arise with SaaS or cloud-based systems.

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