Gayle E. Stauffer RN

Caregiving: How to Give a Bed Bath

Why is bathing your loved one important? Bathing keeps the skin healthy and can help prevent infections. It’s a good time to check the skin to look for sores or rashes. Bathing also helps your loved one feel fresh and clean. The amount of help your loved one needs when bathing depends on how well he or she can move. You…

Thin Skin in Older Adults

The skin of younger adults is thick. As people get older, the skin gets thinner. It’s easier for the skin to tear. This means an increased chance of injury, such as pressure injuries. Older adults also can be more sensitive to cold because of thinner skin.

Cómo hacer una sábana extensible

Una sábana extensible puede usarse para dar la vuelta a una persona en la cama. Para hacer una sábana extensible: Doble una sábana por la mitad a lo largo. Coloque la sábana extensible encima de la sábana bajera ajustable de modo que la parte superior e inferior de la sábana extensible atraviesen la cama (perpendicular…

Caregiving: How to Help With a Shower

A shower helps the person you’re caring for feel clean and fresh. It’s also a good time to check the skin for sores or rashes. It’s a good idea for the person to have a shower at least once a week, if possible. On other days, he or she may just want a bath at the sink. The person may need only a little help to take a…

Using a bedpan

How to position a bedpan With the person on his or her side, place the bedpan against the buttocks and have the person roll back onto the bedpan. Cover your loved one with a sheet or blanket for privacy. How to remove a bedpan Hold the bedpan steady as the person rolls sideways off of it.