H. Michael O'Connor MD MMEd FRCPC

Estimating the Size of a Burn

You can quickly estimate the size of a burn by using the “rule of nines.” This method divides the body’s surface area into percentages. Estimating burn size in adults See a picture of the “rule of nines” for adults . The front and back of the head and neck equal 9% of the body’s surface area. The front and back of each…

Puncture Wound

A puncture wound is a forceful injury caused by a sharp, pointed object that penetrates the skin. A puncture wound is usually narrower and deeper than a cut or scrape.

Other Home Treatment Measures for a First-Degree Burn or Sunburn

There is no evidence-based research to support the safety and effectiveness of the following home treatment measures, but they may help relieve your burn symptoms. Soak a washcloth in water to make a cool compress. Add a handful of oatmeal (ground to a powder) to your bath. Or you can try an oatmeal bath product, such…

Morton’s Neuroma

What is Morton’s neuroma, and what causes it? Morton’s neuroma is a swollen or thickened nerve in the ball of your foot. When your toes are squeezed together too often and for too long, the nerve that runs between your toes can swell and get thicker. This swelling can make it painful when you walk on that foot…

Reacción al medicamento, fiebre

Muchos medicamentos recetados y sin receta pueden desencadenar una reacción alérgica y causar fiebre. Algunos ejemplos son los siguientes: Antibióticos. Barbitúricos, como fenobarbital. Aspirina, si toma demasiada.