Rakesh K. Pai MD FACC

Depression and Coronary Artery Disease

There is a link between depression and coronary artery disease. People with heart disease are more likely to get depression. And if a person has both depression and heart disease, they may not stay as healthy as possible. They are less likely to take their medicines and get regular exercise. And this may raise their…

Angioplasty for Coronary Artery Disease

Covers procedure, which is also called percutaneous coronary intervention, to widen narrow coronary arteries for stable angina and heart attack. Links to a slideshow of angioplasty. Describes use of stent and balloon to open artery. Explains why it’s done and when it’s not done. Includes how well it works, risks, and recovery time.

Aspirin to Prevent Heart Attack and Stroke

Discusses taking aspirin to prevent a first and second heart attack for people who have coronary artery disease. Covers aspirin therapy to help lower risk of a stroke. Discusses if aspirin therapy is for you. Looks at things to avoid while taking aspirin.

Cardiac Arrest

In cardiac arrest, the heart suddenly stops beating. This causes blood to stop pumping to the body. If the heartbeat is not restarted within minutes, the person will die. This problem is also called sudden cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest is different from a heart attack, which happens when part of the heart muscle dies…