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Top of the pageRhabdomyolysisRhabdomyolysis is a process in which dying muscle cells cause the toxic buildup of certain substances in the blood. Some of these substances are creatine, myoglobin, aldolase, potassium, and lactate dehydrogenase. Left untreated,...

Hypertensive Emergency

A hypertensive emergency is very high blood pressure that damages the body. It can cause damage to the brain, heart, eyes, or kidneys A hypertensive emergency needs immediate care. Quick-acting medicines are used to lower blood pressure. The cause may be unknown. Or the problem may be caused by medicine or another…

High Blood Pressure: Taking Medicines Properly

Covers importance of taking the right dose of the right high blood pressure medicines at the right time. Explains how medicines control high blood pressure. Includes working with your doctor to make a plan for taking your medicines.