Mobile Apps and Websites for Tracking Your Health

Have a million things on your mind and need a little help tracking your health? You’ve come to the right place. We have over 40 resources of mobile apps and websites to make managing your healthcare a little bit easier. The resources are listed alphabetically.

1. Aavya Health

aavyaAavya Health is a system that brings your lab tests and health data to life. Aavya Health reports that 43% of patients don’t understand their lab results and health data so turns the confusing numbers into meaningful explanations about their health.


2. AgaMatrix

agamatrixAgaMatrix develops advanced blood glucose monitoring products for individuals with diabetes. One of these high-rated products is the first FDA cleared glucose meter that connects both to the iPhone and IPod Touch.


3. AliveCor, Inc.

alivecorAliveCor, Inc. sells a heart monitor for medical professionals and prescribed patients to record, display, store, and transfer ECG rhythms. The monitor pushes the tracking information to the mobile apps.



4. Alt12 App

alt12logo_rgb4web Alt12 App has created two great health tracking mobile apps, Baby Bump and Pink Pad. Baby Bump is a social network for expecting parents to track and share the progression of their pregnancy. Pink Pad is a social network that tracks menstrual and fertility cycles for women.


5. Avva Advocate

avvaAvva Advocate is the free leading health tracking application for patients with breast cancer. It assists in helping patients prepare for appointments with health providers and keep track of their mammogram schedule.



6. Azumio

azumioAzumio develops an application for your phone to assist with tracking your health via stress levels, heart rate, sleep schedule, blood pressure etc. Some of these application are named Fitness Trainer, Cardio Buddy, Sleep Time, Fitness Buddy, Instant Heart Rate, and Stress Doctor.



7. Baby 2.0

baby20Baby 2.0 is a web and mobile apps that records information, such as paps data, diaper history,medical records, and growth for multiple babies. The application is compatible with the iPhone and allows you to share the information over various devices.



8. Basis

basisBasis combines a wrist-based health tracker and online personal dashboard to track your physiological metrics, steps taken, calories burned, and sleep quality. The level of personalization with this device makes it unique.



9. Beam Toothbrush

beamBeam Toothbrush has created a smart manual toothbrush that reports your hygiene habits back to the smart phone app. This device is perfect for kids as well to increase and promote health habits.



10. Benecure

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 2.19.43 PMBenecure presents a solution that quickens the treatment response time for heart attacks. Their product hasn’t been made public quite yet but will be available soon.


11. Cardiio

cardioCardiio is a touch less mobile app that will measure and track your pulse, so it makes tracking your health easy. The app gives your health rate within seconds by just holding the phone in front of you.



12. Care At Hand

angellistCare at Hand created a software for tablets for lay home care workers to observe and record the health of their patients.The application was designed for care givers with no prior experience with technology and uses simple non-clinical language.



13. Care Wire

2293645ce55c604aa0d5f58d6f1e9f5d_biggerCare Wire helps patients manage their medical appointments through perfectly timed SMS messages with interactive content that includes patient instructions, arrival and discharge instructions, educational materials,etc.



14. Cellscope

f58f231460d6b635ab9829a8a26e3c53_biggerCellscope sells a device that enables patients trasmit high-magnification, diagnostic-quality images of their skin to their doctor from their own homes.



15. Duo Fertility

duoDuo Fertility offers online fertility services and a personalized plan with high success rates for infertile couples. This service offers fertility specialists without numerous visits to a clinic.



16. eCareDiary

ecarediaryeCareDiary offers useful tools for individuals and caretakers to keep track and improve care of their loved ones’ needs.



17. Evoz

evozEvoz created a system that allows remote baby monitoring through a mobile app and baby monitor. This setup provides parents with baby monitoring without a range for peace of mind.


18. Force Therapeutics

forceForce Therapeutics is a health tracking app for patients to be able to connect with physical therapists to increase communication. The company also offers Force Injury Packs, which offers injury specific rehab protocols and HD rehab exercise videos on your IPad or IPhone.


19. provides an app that lets you track your vitals effortlessly and allows you to collaborate with your doctor. The behavioral analytics platform turns smartphone data into health insights for you.



20. GoodRx

RX Apps is an mobile app that tracks what goes on between appointments to help you receive the best treatment plan possible.



21. Insider Tracker


Insider Tracker recommends a wellness path to optimize your health and athletic performance based off initial blood tests. Once you have your baseline, optimize your biomarkers with the program’s recommendations.



22. Kindara

kindaraKindara is an free mobile app that allows women to enter their data, track their data with charts, ask experts questions and to know their fertility. You know your body but Kindara gives you the knowledge, support, and proper tools to get you to that next step.



23. LivFi

livifiLivFi’s mobile app offers you 40+ fact based health goals and provides you with support along the way. The mobile is an easy to use tool for setting goals and tracking your progress to make sure you reach your goals.



24. Luminosity

lumosityLuminosity is a leading online brain training program with proven benefits. The system allows you to build your personalized training program to enhance your memory and attention skills.



25. Lumo Body Tech


Lumo consists of a sensor that straps around your waist that vibrates when you slouch to improve posture and mobility and a mobile app to track your progress.



26. Medivo

medivoMedivo reminds you when you should be tested, sends you your lab results,and tracks you symptoms and activities. The program helps individuals with Diabetes ,Gout, Low T, CML, HAE, or IBD.



27. Mira

miraMira gamifies rehab by incorporating fun into home exercises that enhances recovery. Mira promises custom video games, custom medical exercises, constantly updating patient statistics and diagnostics.



28. Omada

omadaOmada creates prevention focused wellness programs, such as a diabetes 16 week online prevention plan. This program focuses on make the experience enjoyable and achievable while still showing results.



29. Ovuline

ovulineOvuline uses your medical data to help couples get pregnant faster and track the pregnancy while keeping the mom healthy. The program offers health & wellness tracking, health risk alerts and data driven advice.



30. Scandu

scanaduScanadu sells a scanner that easily measures, analyzes, and tracks your vitals from the comfort of your own home in a snap. This scanner gives you the opportunity to “check your health as easily as your email.”



31. Skin Vision

skinvisionSkin Vision is a health tracking mobile app that allows you to track and understand your skin health with insight from dermatologists.



32. Sugar Stats

Sugar Stats is a blood sugar tracking and online diabetes management tool. This program makes your progress visible with easy to read graphs and highlights the trends and connect you to other diabetics.

33. Tide Pool

tidepoolTide Pool creates smart diabetes management apps, which all have stellar reviews. Tide Pool is different from all the other diabetes tracking apps because it is building a device-agnostic platform for all diabetes data.


34. True Cycle

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 4.17.18 PMTrue Cycle is a free public service for women to track their fertility. Get started today!


35. Vator

Genomera is a platform for crowd-sourced open health studies. The website is currently in private beta but are look for individuals to join!



36. Wildflower Health

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 4.18.12 PMWildflower Health developed an Due Date Plus app to track pregnancy milestones and to address any potential issues along the way.



37. WellnessFX

wellnessWellnessFX combines cutting-edge diagnostics, expert consultations with medical professionals, and easy to read data visualizations.



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