Ways to say no to alcohol


How to say no to alcohol

If you’ve been considering taking the steps to stop drinking, then we want to congratulate you on your decision. It’s a difficult thing to do and deserves a pat on the back. It can also seem daunting when trying to navigate social gatherings without alcohol. But it is possible.

How do you politely decline a drink?

There are many ways that you can say no or decline alcohol if it’s offered or offered as part of a celebration.

Here are five ways that we recommend:

  1. “No thank you.” A simple response with no explanations needed for anyone who asks why not.
  2. “I’m trying not to drink right now.” A way of gently explaining why you might be turning down alcohol while simultaneously supporting others in their goals as well.
  3. “I’m on medication and have been told not to drink.” Another gentle way of explaining that you aren’t drinking without going into too much unnecessary detail.
  4. “I’m driving.” A classic excuse for why you don’t want to drink, and a valid one.
  5. “I’m celebrating too – I just celebrated/got married by not drinking.” A good response for those social situations in which people may look at you suspiciously.

These are just a few examples of reasons to decline alcohol when offered or at celebrations. Remember that, while it can be difficult, saying no is often met with support and praise, even if it’s just conveyed through looks or brief statements. Learn more If anyone pressures you or If you’re in a situation where someone is offering you alcohol try this Saying No to Alcohol and Drugs