Brian Leber MDCM FRCPC

Clotting Factor Replacement for Hemophilia

Hemophilia can be treated by replacing missing blood clotting factors. This is called clotting factor replacement therapy. Clotting factors are replaced by injecting (infusing) a clotting factor concentrate into a vein. Infusions of clotting factors help blood to clot normally. Clotting factor replacement therapy can…

Blood Transfusions: Should I Bank Blood Before Surgery?

Guides through decision to bank blood before having surgery. Explains how banking blood before surgery can protect from a bad reaction to a blood transfusion. Covers benefits and risks. Includes an interactive tool to help you make your decision.


Thrombocytopenia is a disorder in which there are too few platelets and the blood does not clot properly. People who have thrombocytopenia may bleed a lot from an injury because they have an abnormally low number of platelets. Some conditions or diseases lead to thrombocytopenia because they destroy a person’s platelets…


Learn what hemophilia is, what can cause it, and what treatment is needed.

Hemophilia: Preventing Bleeding Episodes

How can I care for myself? If you have hemophilia, you can take steps at home to prevent bleeding episodes and improve your health. Recognize bleeding symptoms. Be active, but exercise with care. Don’t take nonprescription medicines unless your doctor tells you to. Prevent injuries and accidents around your home…