John B. Wong MD

Coronary Artery Disease: Should I Have an Angiogram?

Guides you through the decision to have an angiogram. Explains why the test is done and what it can show. Discusses why you might or might not want to have the test. Lists risks and benefits. Includes interactive tool to help you decide.

Angioplasty Benefits

Both medical therapy alone (lifestyle changes and taking medicines) and angioplasty plus medical therapy can relieve angina. Angioplasty improves angina sooner. But over time, both treatments work the same to ease symptoms and improve quality of life. After 3 months: Out of 100 of people who had angioplasty plus medical…

Angioplasty Risks

Out of 100 people who have angioplasty, about 1 will have serious bleeding or damage to a blood vessel from the catheter; about 1 to 2 will have damage to the coronary artery; about 1 will have a stroke or need emergency bypass surgery; and about 1 will die. The information shown here is based on the best available…

Bypass Benefits

In studies, about 84 out of 100 people had angina relief after 1 year. This relief lasted at least 5 years. That means about 16 people out of 100 didn’t have relief from their angina.