Richard M. Hoffman MD MPH

Resultados altos de PSA que no son cáncer (positivos falsos)

Las pruebas del antígeno prostático específico (PSA, por sus siglas en inglés) pueden mostrar niveles altos de PSA que no están causados por el cáncer (lo que se llama resultado positivo falso). Esto significa que usted podría necesitar más pruebas para determinar si tiene cáncer de próstata. La información que se…

Prostate Cancer: Should I Choose Active Surveillance?

Guides you through decision to use active surveillance for men who have low-risk and for some men who have medium-risk localized prostate cancer. Lists reasons for and against active surveillance. Includes interactive tool to help you make your decision.

Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer

Radiation therapy uses high doses of radiation, such as X-rays, to destroy cancer cells. The radiation damages the genetic material of the cells so that they can’t grow. Although radiation damages normal cells as well as cancer cells, the normal cells can repair themselves and function, while the cancer cells cannot…

Prostate Cancer

Provides info on an initial diagnosis. Discusses diagnostic tests, including PSA test and digital rectal exam. Covers symptoms common to prostate cancer and other conditions. Discusses treatment with active surveillance, surgery, or radiation. Also offers prevention tips.