Anne C. Poinier MD

Hip Replacement Surgery: Final

Completed hip replacement In hip replacement surgery, the hip socket and the top of the thigh bone are replaced. This picture shows a completed hip replacement.

Knee replacement surgery

Normal knee joint Inside a normal knee joint, thick cushioning (cartilage) covers and protects the ends of your bones. This is called hyaline cartilage. Another type of cartilage, called meniscal cartilage or meniscus, acts like a shock absorber between the bones and keeps the knee joint stable by spreading out the load…

Hand exercises for arthritis

These exercises can help stretch and strengthen the muscles in your hands and fingers and reduce pain and stiffness. Before you try any of these exercises, talk to your doctor or physical therapist. He or she can help design an exercise plan that is best for you. If you feel pain when you do these exercises, stop. Ask…

Anatomy of a healthy joint

The synovial membrane lines the joint and produces synovial fluid to cushion the movement of the joint.