Joan Rigg PT OCS

Using Crutches

Learn how using crutches the right way will help you stay stable and safe while you heal.

Getting In and Out of a Car Safely

Most people get into a car by stooping to move sideways through the door. They put in one leg, sit down, and then bring in the other leg. But if you have problems with mobility or balance, getting into a car this way might be difficult or unsafe. It’s easier and safer to sit down in the car first, and then move your…

Assistive Devices and Orthotics

Assistive devices and orthotics are tools that help you hold objects, open and close things, transfer weight while shifting positions, or walk. It is important to find a balance between use and rest of a painful (arthritic) joint. When exercise is not enough to control pain, assistive devices and orthotics may help to…