16 Top Software Choices for EMR & Medical Billing

Make your decision-making process simpler. Here are the 16 Top Software Choices for EMR & Medical Billing.
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To achieve HIPAA compliance and meaningful use, you must use an electronic medical billing system to check the insurance eligibility of a patient prior to providing medical services. You must then use it to submit and follow up on insurance claims and bill patients.

Not only does medical billing software aid your practice in becoming more HIPAA compliant and achieving meaningful use of an EHR system, but electronic medical billing can help simplify your billing and claims processes through various features.

What is Medical Billing Software?

A billing system will allow you to easily find medical billing records without having to sort through piles of paper. It also allows you to easily file claims with insurance companies through the electronic claims management feature, fast billing coding, and revenue management system.

Medical billing software may come with complete EHR systems or with medical practice management software. These software packages may be costly, but can also be a good investment for your practice. It can automate time-consuming aspects of the medical billing process and can reduce errors associated with data entry, payments, and claim submissions.

EMR and Medical Billing Software systems handle your practice’s medical billing and invoicing electronically. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Electronic Medical Records mandate require practices to electronically send medical billing claims. Therefore, medical billing software has been gaining popularity and is a requirement to achieve meaningful use of an EHR system.

Here are some best practices in choosing an EMR billing software.

Are you on the lookout for the Top EMR and Medical Billing Software? Here you go!

  • MediTouch Practice Management Software
  • Kareo
  • Waiting Room Solutions
  • Medios EHR
  • Vitera Intergy
  • CareCloud Central
  • IntelleChart
  • Benchmark Systems EHR
  • Digital Office by EON Systems
  • ADP AdvancedMD EHR and Practice Management Software
  • Allscripts EHR
  • McKesson Practice Choice
  • Intelligent Medical Software by Meditab
  • NueMD Complete
  • CareTracker

NextGen Office

Formerly MediTouch EHR, NextGen Office is a healthcare software that provides solutions such as EMR, Revenue Cycle Management, and Billing Services. This cloud-based solution is ideal for small practices and ambulatory service providers.

Highlights: When it comes to medical billing, NextGen helps your practice to:
  • Prepare transparent billing
  • Manage claim denials & expedite claims
  • Rectify any operational inefficiencies or friction
  • Extend support to your staff
  • Improve the overall revenue performance
  • Dragon
  • Drummond

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Kareo is a web-based healthcare suite that provides practice management (PM) and medical billing to smaller practices and billing companies.

Highlights: When it comes to medical billing, Kareo helps your practice to:
  • Speed-up payment process & timelines
  • Boost productivity by automating manual, repetitive tasks
  • Send clean insurance claims using Medical Coding
  • Reduce costs with clean Patient Statements
  • Improve cash flows with Collections Management


  • Drummond

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Waiting Room Solutions

Waiting Room Solutions is an integrated, web-based health tech that provides Electronic Health Record and Practice Management solutions. Ideal for smaller physician practices, of various specialties, WRS Health caters to multiple specialties such as Cardiology, Dermatology, Endocrinology, and more!

Highlights: When it comes to medical billing, WRS Health helps your practice to:
  • Integrate EHR billing and revenue cycle management
  • Streamline & simplify billing with automatic charge capture & claim creation
  • Reduce claim denials and enjoy the lowest claim denial rate in the industry
  • Analyze financial data in real-time & customizable reports
  • Get paid on time for all your offerings

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Medios EHR

Developed by IOS Health Systems, Medios is a cloud-based health tech that caters to multiple specialties and practices of all sizes. It provides features such as e-prescribing, disease management, lab management, adaptive documentation, real-time dashboards, and more!

Highlights: When it comes to medical billing, Medios helps your practice to
  • Create claims easily with a date
  • Generate billing reports that are customizable
  • Track claims automatically
  • Dragon

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Vitera Intergy

Vitera Intergy is a popular choice for ambulatory practices of all sizes and for community health centers and imaging centers when it comes to EHR and practice management. Vitera is an end-to-end clinical suite that provides electronic health records, practice management, a patient portal, and clinical/business intelligence.

Highlights: When it comes to medical billing, Vitera Intergy helps your practice to:
  • Avoid Preventable denials
  • Overcome High volume of payer superbills
  • Lower per-visit reimbursements
  • Clear backlog of claims
  • Drummond

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CareCloud Central

CareCloud Central is a health tech company that provides revenue management, EHR, telehealth, medical scheduling, medical billing, and more solutions! This practice management solution helps you automate many day-to-day time-consuming tasks, and thereby boost the overall efficiency of your practice.

Highlights: When it comes to medical billing, CareCloud Central helps your practice to:
  • Track, manage and optimize financial and administrative processes
  • Manage your practice’s schedule
  • Get paid faster
  • Spot financial trends early
  • Dragon

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From single to multidisciplinary practices, from a single physician to dozens of providers, Eclipse is an ONC-certified Chiropractic EHR, Medical Billing, and Practice Management Software.

Highlights: When it comes to medical billing, ECLIPSE helps your practice to:
  • Automate standard payer documents such as HMO certification requests
  • Securely lodge and settle claims online
  • ONC


IntelleChart is a popular cloud-based EMR software for ophthalmologists. In 2014, it was acquired by Nextech, a provider of specialty-focused healthcare technology solutions for physician practices. The IntelleChart Suite consists of IntelleChart, IntelleDraw, and IntelleView which covers all the needs in ophthalmology.

Highlights: When it comes to medical billing, helps your practice to:
  • Get instant alerts for incorrect billing information
  • Simplify payments & bills
  • Reduce denied claims rate with coding accuracy
  • Collect payments via many options such as credit, debit, and FSA/HSA cards
  • Drummond
  • ATCB

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Benchmark Systems EHR

Benchmark Clinical is a comprehensive healthcare platform that comes with solutions including Scheduling, medical billing, Practice Management, Patient Portal, and Revenue Cycle Management, among others. This digital health suite caters to 40+ specialties including Allergy, Dermatology, Geriatrics, Neurology, OB-Gyn, Neurosurgery, etc.

Highlights: When it comes to medical billing, Benchmark Systems helps your practice to:
  • Expedite collections
  • Maximize reimbursements
  • Control & simplify cash flow
  • Dragon

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Digital Office by EON Systems

Designed by EON Systems, the Digital Office provides a completely-integrated healthcare ecosystem to manage the practice, scheduling, EHR, billing, x-rays, and document storage. Documentor software is healthcare documentation software that works in conjunction with Digital Office.

Highlights: When it comes to medical billing, Digital Office helps your practice to:
  • Reduce errors and omissions in insurance billing and coding
  • Simplify payments
  • Speed-up claims

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ADP AdvancedMD

Practice management, medical billing software, patient engagement, EHR software, medical billing services, and MACRA/MIPS are just a few of the products provided by AdvancedMD, a comprehensive healthcare platform. The software is cloud-based, interoperable, and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

Highlights: When it comes to medical billing, ADP AdvancedMD helps your practice to:
  • House a centralized medical billing system and manage only a single database for all providers
  • Check patient eligibility for insurance
  • Simplify claims. Integrate it with EHR.
  • Speed-up payment process and expand payment options via credit card processing.
  • Manage medical scheduling
Certifications: ONC-ATCB

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Founded in 1986, AllScripts is a practice management & EHR health tech company.

It offers two distinct portfolios when it comes to revenue cycle management services:
  • one for hospitals
  • one for physician practices
Highlights: When it comes to medical billing, Allscripts helps your practice to:
  • Improve financial and operational efficiencies
  • Streamline appointment and patient flow
  • Simplify collections and claims.
  • Manage transactions and payments
  • Conduct real-time eligibility verification
  • Perform denial management
  • Dragon
  • Drummond

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McKesson Practice Choice

Practice Partner® is a certified EHR and medical billing solution that enables healthcare providers and physicians to enhance the quality of patient care and improve operating efficiency. Ideal for independent medical practices looking for sophisticated, intuitive, and easy-to-install solutions, the Practice Partner system has all the essentials to help run your practice efficiently.

  • Dragon
  • Drummond

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Intelligent Medical Software by Meditab

IMS (Intelligent Medical Software) by Meditab is an EHR and Practice Management health tech that has integrated solutions, including e-prescribing, practice reporting, patient portals, and more. This software suite caters to practices of all sizes and specialties.

Highlights: When it comes to medical billing, Meditab helps your practice to:
  • Automate the medical billing system and make it efficient
  • Facilitate online payments from your patients
  • Simplify claims scrubbing and clearinghouse integration
  • Reduce Delinquent Payments
  • Dragon

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NueMD Complete

NueMD Complete is a cloud-based, automated, end-to-end private practice workflow. It provides solutions such as Practice Management, medical billing, EHR, Patient Portal Software, and more!

Highlights: When it comes to medical billing, NueMD Complete helps your practice with:
  • Claim Scrubber
  • eRemittance Advice
  • Batch Payments
  • Statements & Collections
  • Reporting & Analysis
  • Built-in Clearinghouse
  • On-demand account info and customized reports
  • Outstanding claims recoup
Certifications: CCHIT

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CareTracker EMR by OptumInsight

OptumInsight’s CareTracker is a web-based application that is fully integrated with solutions essential for the functions of a practice. The software caters to multiple specialties such as Allergy, Anesthesiology, Cardiology, Chiropractic, Dentistry, and more!

Highlights: When it comes to medical billing, CareTracker helps your practice to:
  • Improve cash flow
  • Simplify payments and billing
Certifications: CCHIT

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