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ARIA is an ONC-ATCB certified electronic health record (EHR) and information system catering to oncology practices. The solution enables practitioners to create treatment plans, track number of doses given, and draft prescriptions using customizable templates. The solution also provides an image reviewing system that supports MV, kV, conventional CT, CBCT, MR and PET images. The software evaluates diagnosis-specific data to compare acute responses to treatment and long-term clinical outcomes.

Patient charts can be audited regularly for compliance and identification of any treatment changes required. Documents are recorded electronically with the option to attach images, files, or patient photographs. The software also incorporates a scheduling module for managing tasks and appointments.

ARIA can store patient records and images to local systems, online storage, and third-party PACS. Data can be exchanged between various departments, such as pathology, radiology, pharmacy, lab, and billing. All charges are billed as and when incurred that keeps technical and professional fees separate.

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(218 reviews)

Atif Mahmood

Varian Medical purchased a local startup Velocity Medical Solutions, and used the opportunity to open this east coast office. Varian is an amazing company, and Velocity created some of the most cutting edge Radiation Oncology software in the market. Beautiful offices with an open floor plan. A little noisy for my taste, and the neighborhood isn't too walking friendly.

Chris Armer

Beautiful office space. Great company with a great mission.

Ashish Panchal

Dara Chhit

Michael Brasley

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