What is Sigmacare?

Created exclusively for long term care, the SigmaCare electronic medical records (EMR) solution offers a fresh approach to medical records automation through advanced business logic and point-of-care charting. Through an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, SigmaCare improves resident clinical outcomes by providing real-time alerts to clinicians while reducing operational burdens placed on facility administrators.

How can I get in touch with SigmaCare support?

SigmaCare enables physicians to manage clinical tasks and keep data on their patient’s health, medications, and treatments in one place. It provides both phone assistance and email support to users. For in-service personnel and to help users with any queries regarding documentation, online help is available via the official website. The Help link can be found in the top right corner of the website and has instructions on how to use SigmaCare.


Quick Facts

Practice Size

  • 1 - 100+ Physicians



  • Long-Term Care

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About Sigmacare

Who are the typical users of SigmaCare?

The SigmaCare EHR platform is designed to support long-term care, post-acute care, and senior care providers. They serve Life plan communities, senior living, and palliative care facilities, as well as hospitals and health systems of all sizes.

What are the key solutions offered by SigmaCare?

SigmaCare develops and distributes clinical solutions for long-term and post-acute care institutions that minimize risk, reduce hospital readmission rates, cut expenses, and boost reimbursement. MatrixCare acquired it to expand the services to facility-based operators as well as home health, home care, and hospice operators nationally. SigmaCare offers a variety of solutions, including EHR, Interoperability, Medical Billing, Scheduling, Nutrition management, Resident management, and more.


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