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About PEARL EMR Software

PEARL patient-oriented electronic medical record (EMR) software gives physicians, nurses, healthcare providers, and other authorized personnel the ability to better organize and use a patients medical information, including the documentation and analysis of outcomes. This EMR software was designed by Business Computer Applications (BCA).

PEARL EMR software is built on an Oracle-based patient record system designed to transition physicians workflow from paper to paperless data capture, storage, analysis and reporting.

It is a proven, robust application that supports discrete data capture at the point of care (in contrast with the after-the-fact narratives of the past). Because it is relational, any data can be related to any other data in the system. This means clinical protocol, analysis and reporting power unequaled in the industry. No other application offers a better transition plan from paper to paperless workflow. No other service gives you complete clinical management and electronic medical records support.

The PEARL EMR software was created to be a life-long patient record. BCAs approach is One Patient. One Record. Our design accommodates complex consultations and provides all users with a patients entire medical history. We facilitate the industry's long-sought need for connectivity and standardization.

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