CAM by Celerity

Celerity’s CAM is a cloud-based, behavioral health care management solution and electronic medical records (EMR) for chemical dependency and mental health treatment providers.

CAM incorporates a variety of clinical features, including customizable intake and assessment templates. Users can configure the forms to map to their historic record formats. ChartView Interface of CAM allows users to access, add or edit various electronic medical records in a client’s chart on one screen.

Service Rule Management enables providers to control service restriction based on pre-installed rules which alert staff if services are being scheduled outside of allowable guidelines and preventing claim submission on exceeded services.

Group notes can be entered in one screen and then assigned to individual client records. The system’s scheduling tool provides an ability to schedule multiple providers across multiple locations. The billing application supports both CMS 1500 forms and UB04 forms and can submit 837 files and 835 remittances.

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