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Credible Behavioral Health Enterprise Software is a comprehensive Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform designed to cater to the unique needs of behavioral health and human services organizations. It is a product of Qualifacts, a leading provider of EHR solutions for the behavioral health industry.


Credible’s EHR platform is known for its configurability, allowing agencies to align the software with their unique workflows, program, and organizational requirements. This includes the ability to configure data and customize clinical, compliance, and billing workflows, enhancing productivity and ensuring compliance.

Key features of the Credible EHR platform include:

  • Clinical Documentation: The platform allows for comprehensive clinical documentation, enabling therapists and behavioral health technicians to manage all their documentation needs in one place.
  • Scheduling: The software includes robust scheduling capabilities, allowing for efficient management of patient appointments.
  • Team Communication: The platform facilitates team communication, ensuring that all team members are on the same page regarding patient care.
  • Billing: The software includes a HIPAA-compliant billing module, which simplifies the billing process and ensures a high clean bill rate.
  • Reporting and Management Modules: Credible provides advanced search, medication tracking, mobile/field, reporting, and management modules, offering a fully integrated and seamless experience.


Credible’s user interface is friendly and can be learned quickly, making it easy for staff to adapt to the system. However, some users have reported that certain tasks can be tedious due to the need for workarounds.


Credible’s platform is designed to foster interoperability, allowing it to integrate seamlessly with other systems. This helps optimize efficiency, improve productivity, and maximize reimbursement.


Credible offers robust customer support, with many users praising the support they receive from the Credible team. Support can be accessed via live online chat and a support ticket submission system.


The cost of Credible’s EHR platform is not publicly disclosed, but it is known to operate on a subscription-based model. Some users have reported that the software is costly.

Physicians interested in Credible Behavioral Health Enterprise Software can contact for unbiased and independent information, as well as to request a free demo or pricing information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Credible’s EHR platform ensure compliance with healthcare regulations?

Credible’s EHR platform offers customizable workflows for clinical, compliance, and billing processes. This configurability allows healthcare organizations to tailor the software to their specific needs, ensuring adherence to healthcare regulations and standards.

What are the key features that distinguish Credible’s EHR platform in the behavioral health industry?

Credible’s EHR platform stands out due to its comprehensive clinical documentation, robust scheduling capabilities, effective team communication tools, HIPAA-compliant billing module, and advanced reporting and management modules. These features collectively enhance productivity and ensure a seamless experience for healthcare providers.

Can Credible’s EHR platform be integrated with other systems in a healthcare setting?

Yes, Credible’s platform is designed for interoperability, allowing seamless integration with other systems. This integration capability optimizes efficiency, improves productivity, and can maximize reimbursement by ensuring smooth data flow between different healthcare systems.

What type of customer support does Credible offer for its EHR platform?

Credible provides robust customer support, accessible through live online chat and a support ticket submission system. Many users have praised the quality of support they receive, indicating a strong commitment to user satisfaction.

Is Credible’s EHR platform affordable and how is it priced?

The cost of Credible’s EHR platform is not publicly disclosed and operates on a subscription-based model. While some users have reported that the software can be costly, interested parties can contact for unbiased information, free demos, and pricing details to assess affordability.

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(16 reviews)

Victor M Jackson

Management is too conservative when it comes to ideas. They won't accept suggestions that they doom too different from their original principles or practices. This means that employees won't have any opportunity to use their imagination and critical thinking. All you have to do while working here is agree to everything that management says.

Ms.Anastasia Oates

Credible is the company you want to be apart of. Apart from being forward thinking, innovative, and sales driven, they are NICE. If you get a chance to engage with this company from a talent perspective, your standards will change for the better. The mission statement has been the same since the company has start which solidifies the integrity and vision of the company. I highly recommend joining their team.

Terry Combs

When you are a new customer, they accommodate you fast and quick. But if you are already a long time one, and not one of their big clients, it would take days or weeks to come by your place for software maintenance.

Robert Edinger

Their sales rep are very aggressive on getting clients, and they are really good at it. However, when real work begins and you see their real work, you'll be disappointed.

Donald Hillary

Our company has lost a lot of money due to lack of support which led to failed implementation of the system. We were not able to access the data we need, and from that, we were not able to make the billings on time.

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