PhysicianXpress Software

PhysicianXpress Software

Physicians Xpress Pediatric Software Solutions designed PhysicianXpress, a cloud-based solution utilized by Pediatric Offices for Practice Management, Electronic Health Records (EHR), and Patient Communications.


We provide subscription web-based HIPAA compliant services, not a software package, designed around the work-flow of pediatricians. We designed our system from the perspective of the Pediatric User instead of designing a generic system for all specialties. As a result, our web-based application aligns with the needs of pediatricians versus forcing pediatric practices to adhere to a complex generic EHR system.


PhysicianXpress Software can help your practice:

• Improve Healthcare Information for providers and practices to manage patient care.

• Decrease administrative work for physicians and Health Care Professionals (HCPs).

• Decrease end-to-end cycle time for claims and processes.

• Improve, automate and accelerate claims processing.

• Increase Practice Revenue

• Decrease practice operating costs.

Company:PhysicianXpress Software
Address:555 South Second AvenueBuilding B Suite 230
Practice size:> 1000 Physicians, 1 Physician, 101-250 Physicians, 11-25 Physicians, 2 Physicians, 251-1000 Physicians, 26-50 Physicians, 3-5 Physicians, 51-100 Physicians, 6-10 Physicians
System type:Web/Cloud Solutions
Additional criteria:Dragon Medical, ONC-ATCB Certified
Product Name:PhysicianXpress
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