QuicDoc EMR Software

QuicDoc EMR Software

QuicDoc, an electronic medical record (EMR) software designed by DocuTrac, Inc. comes in a Professional Edition for solo providers and small group practices, and an Enterprise Edition for large groups and agencies.


QuicDoc EMR automates the clinical record keeping process and best of all it saves time. Generate your notes and reports in a fraction of the time it normally takes. Unlike programs that give you a template to type in your notes, QuicDoc's pick lists do the work for you. We supply the phrases, you just click. And because lists are completely customizable, notes and reports can be individualized.


QuicDoc provides you with the means to meet the requests of managed care firms when competing for panel positions, and to meet the documentation requirements of accrediting agencies. When the goal is providing quality of care, the need for reliable, comprehensive documentation is essential.


QuicDoc is designed by therapists for behavioral healthcare providers, including psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, and counselors in a wide variety of behavioral health and human services settings. Whether you're an expert or novice, you will find QuicDoc easy to use. Complete on-line, context-sensitive help is a click away. Our technical support ranks among the best in providing the answers and solutions you need.

Company:QuicDoc EMR Software
Address:20140 Scholar DriveSuite 218
Practice size:> 1000 Physicians, 1 Physician, 101-250 Physicians, 11-25 Physicians, 2 Physicians, 251-1000 Physicians, 26-50 Physicians, 3-5 Physicians, 51-100 Physicians, 6-10 Physicians
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Additional criteria:Dragon Medical, Drummond Certified
Product Name:QuicDoc
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