EDIMS ED Management System

What is EDIMS ED Management System?

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  • Emergency Medicine

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About EDIMS ED Management System

The pressure is always on in the emergency department. Pressure on clinicians, senior management, and IT staff. Pressure to improve care while reducing costs. Pressure to see more patients in less time. Pressure to do more with less.

Fortunately, there’s an ED management system that can help: EDIMS. You can improve patient satisfaction, productivity and overall profitability.

EDIMS automates the ED documentation process — reducing repetitive tasks, minimizing the risk of adverse events, and ensuring compliant documentation. It gives you immediate real-time access to patient history, clinical documentation, lab results, demographics, prescriptions, and discharge instructions.

  • When a doctor enters an order, every procedure is documented, appropriate charges are captured
  • Supplies and procedures used are captured as they occur
  • Time spent and care delivered are thoroughly documented for each patient

In other words, the clinician is removed from the charge capture process. Treating the patient is once again your primary focus.

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