• Emergency Medicine

EMRDoc from EPOWERdoc is an electronic Emergency Department Information System (EDIS) that is simple and fast to use. Designed around the foundation of simplicity for the user, every component was created with the Clinician in mind. The result is an electronic medical record (EMR) system that includes not only the most up to date functionality, but also has a revolutionary design and workflow. EMRDoc integrates and functions so efficiently that our clients don’t have to rely on scribes or upstaffing to maintain their pre-implementation through times.

EMRDoc has been designed to be used either as a comprehensive Emergency Department Information System (EDIS) interfaced with your existing hospital information system (HIS), or as a front end documentation module that works with your current Emergency Department Information System (EDIS).

EMRDoc features include:

  • Fast Chart Completion
  • Physician and Nursing documentation
  • ED Tracking Board
  • Touch screen, handwriting recognition, voice recognition, and keyboard entry for free text input
  • Interoperability and interfacing with other vender’s HIS and EDIS modules with HL-7 Compliance
  • Lab result tracking and review
  • Clinical prompting, decision making assistance, JCAHO safety screening, and allergy and drug interaction warnings
  • Prose “dictation like” end document
  • Computerized provider order entry (CPOE) with order status tracking
  • Electronic prescription writing
  • Discharge Instructions and automated Medication Reconciliation
  • Hospital and physician coding assistance with CMS compliance
  • Tablet or fixed station compatible
  • HIPAA compliant with access log
  • ARRA Meaningful Use Core Requirements Met
  • Robust management and provider profile report generating capacity
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