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What is Essentia by Lavender & Wyatt Systems, Inc.?

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  • Behavioral Health

About Essentia by Lavender & Wyatt Systems, Inc.

Essentia EMR (Electronic Medical Records) was designed by a select LWSI customer user panel of Community Behavioral Health Executives representing different states and various clinical requirements.

The purpose of Essentia’s EMR process is to allow the clinical staff to be more efficient and focus on the quality of their clinical care. Essentia accommodates this in many ways; however, a large portion of what the system does is organize the clinical process into an efficient workflow beginning with the initial assessment or evaluation through treatment.

How does Essentia accomplish this?

Through a unique workflow process designed by a team of clinicians and subject matter experts

  1. Assessment - The assessment component begins the workflow process by capturing significant data pertinent to understanding and assessing the client being served. Data may be entered by the client prior to the initial visit if the agency so allows or from a clinician performing the assessment. From there the clinical staff needs only to review and drill into the key elements. The system is setup in such a way as to intuitively filter the data based on age, gender, and severity of answers given, etc. This process allows for the identifying of the pertinent symptoms and/or problems associated with the client’s assessment criteria.Example, if a client answers a question positively regarding depression, the system will automatically flag that answer set as pertinent and drill into additional questions related to that topic. Delivered and agency specific question & answer sets drill down into detail thus suggesting pertinent symptoms and diagnostic criteria.
  2. Symptoms/problems expressed - Essentia automatically suggests pertinent symptoms and/or problems for the client related to this topic. The symptoms suggested will help guide the therapist to more appropriate decisions regarding identifying, updating, or resolving specific diagnosis for the client.
  3. Goals - Once the problem(s) are identified, the clinician initiates the problem(s) prioritized to address first, thus automatically activating (selecting) the associated goal(s) for the client’s treatment plan. From here objectives are automatically filtered and identified specific to the goal(s). Progress or regression towards each goal or objective is automatically graphed. This enables the clinician to be more confident and decisive in determining the services to be provided and in continuing the plan of care… thus improving the overall quality of treatment.
  4. Treatment - Essentia tracks and maintains the credentials of all client facing clinicians as well as which treatments are authorized by payors and regulations by governing agencies. DSM criteria can help guide the staff’s clinical decision when establishing and maintaining the treatment plan of care.

Scheduling the appropriate future service appointments for the client assures the billing is in compliance…. the authorized services from the active treatment plan are listed when scheduling the appointment.

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