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HealthPort Electronic Health Record (EHR), formerly known as HealthPort Electronic Medical Record (EMR), is a comprehensive yet user-friendly system designed to accommodate the way physicians work. Developed with the help of physicians, it offers a flexible system that aligns with your providers’ workflow, rather than forcing them to adapt to the system.


HealthPort EHR offers a variety of features to meet the needs of virtually every specialty. These include electronic progress notes, scheduling, prescriptions, and patient summary and information. The system organizes and presents patient data in an easy-to-use, point-and-click Windows environment, allowing physicians to easily navigate through progress notes, medical histories, allergies, current problems, and medications.

The system also eliminates time-consuming searches through PDRs, ICD-9-CM, and CPT code books, as the databases for each are embedded into the application. This feature-rich system can be used as a stand-alone e-prescribing system, an entry-level EMR for solo practices, or a full point-of-care system.


HealthPort EHR is designed to be user-friendly, supporting clinicians in achieving their goals in a satisfying, effective, and efficient manner. However, like any EHR system, usability can be a point of frustration for clinicians and can have patient safety consequences. It’s important to note that usability issues are addressable, and their efficient resolution requires usability testing performed not only by QA specialists but also end-users—nurses and clinicians.


HealthPort EHR can integrate with other health IT systems, although each EHR vendor has its own unique integration challenges. The system’s ability to integrate with other systems can enhance efficiency and streamline workflows.


HealthPort offers quality customer service, with a proven track record for innovative health information technology and trusted expertise. For technical support, HealthPort has a dedicated support line available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


While specific pricing information for HealthPort EHR is not provided in the search results, it’s important to note that the cost of EHR systems can vary widely depending on the size of the practice, the specific features and functionalities required, and other factors.

For more information, including a free demo or pricing information, physicians can contact, an unbiased and independent source of information on EHR systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

How intuitive and easy to use is the system for physicians?

HealthPort EHR is designed to be highly intuitive and align with physician workflows, rather than forcing them to adapt to the system. It uses a flexible, point-and-click Windows interface that allows for easy navigation and documentation.

What type of support and training does HealthPort provide?

HealthPort offers a dedicated 24/7 support line for technical assistance. They also provide onsite training and have a proven track record of quality customer service to ensure users understand how to fully utilize the system.

How does HealthPort EHR integrate with other health IT systems?

HealthPort EHR can integrate with other systems like scheduling, e-prescribing, etc. to enhance efficiency. However, each EHR vendor has unique integration challenges. It’s important to evaluate integration capabilities to streamline workflows.

How customizable is the system for different specialties?

HealthPort EHR offers specialty-specific modules to accommodate different needs. For example, there are modules for community health centers, orthopedics, and other specialties. It uses a flexible, point-and-click approach for customization.

What is your experience with data migration from old EMR systems?

HealthPort has a dedicated data conversion services team to handle complex EMR migrations. They understand the intricacies involved to ensure historical patient data successfully migrates to the new system with minimal disruption. Testing and validation are key parts of their migration process.

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(126 reviews)

Kim Jones

Beware, predatory and harassing business practices after your loved one has died - they send you a delayed invoice - weeks back-dated - without explanation of "services", threatening to send you to collections. Our attorney was appalled. We will gladly be reporting them to the attorney general and the BBB.


Not sure why all the negative comments below - BUT I deal with a wonderful CSR and I could not be happier.....As a paralegal for an extremely large NY Firm, it is refreshing to have such amazing help! Anna B is a true asset to CIOX.

Henry Cottle

Julie Maddox called and left a vm saying to give her a call back about a job offer. I missed the call so I called her back the same day, no answer, left vm. On her vm it says to reach her by email, so I did. So far, no response back and it’s been 3 weeks! I don’t understand, if they say call me back at this number etc and then you do, at least have the respect to at least talk to me since you said call me back! Very unprofessional.

Kisha Carter

I can honestly say that the communication with this company is NON-EXISTENT. I took a coding test months ago and never got my results. Even after several emails to Allison Salud and a scheduled phone call to no avail did I get any answer nor response from this lady. Waste of time and unprofessional. Maybe as an attorney's office one would not have any issues because you are a professional entity. but, with regular people or employee you will be treated less than

lynn richardson

Got my records quickly and it was a very simple process.

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