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What is iKnowMed EHR, Horizon Ambulatory, Paragon?

iKnowMed Generation 2 is a cloud-based electronic health recording solution built for the needs of oncologists and hematologists. It is designed to help practices meet Stage 1 and Stage 2 of Meaningful Use certification.

In addition to the core EHR functionality, it also offers tools for tracking patient demographics, patient histories, e-prescribing, charge capture and notes. iKnowMed Generation 2 also supports oncology-specific requirements. These features allow physicians to diagnose and stage cancer patients using AJCC and FIGO staging criteria and select patient’s treatment regimens from both NCCN Guidelines® and Value Pathways powered by NCCN®.

iKnowMed Generation 2 can also be accessed on internet-enabled smartphones. The standalone EHR integrates with Lynx Mobile inventory management, My Care Plus patient portal and can interface with a number of practice management, laboratory, radiology, pathology, dictation and notes systems. iKnowMed Generation 2 is suitable to practices of all sizes, ranging from solo private practices to large cancer care facilities with hundreds of doctors.

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Bring all your oncology patients’ records together in a centralized database all stakeholders can access and personalize. iKnowMed℠ is the industry’s award-winning second-generation oncology electronic health record (EHR)


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